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Providing practical advice to navigate periods of transition and change 

The past year hasa produced an unforeseen period of transition and change for both individuals and businesses alike. With widespread furlough schemes, an increase in the number of people working from home and social parameters limited by lockdown restrictions, many people have been left struggling to adjust both their private and working lives to the new conditions. 

As the world demands continuous output, efficiency and adaptability, it can be difficult for individuals to know how to sustain themselves through external pressures and unpredictable circumstances. In his new book This Is Your Moment (Panoma Press), Andy Woodfield cuts through the noise of overly theoretical self-development tips and business advice to bring readers practical guidance to help them navigate periods of transition in their lives and careers. 

Andy is the PwC Global Client Partner for the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO). He leads multi-year international development and diplomacy programmes as well as strength-based leadership programmes, organisation development and client, customer and citizen led transformation. He specialises in helping people grow to reach their true potential in both personal and professional contexts. 

This is Your Moment is a comprehensive handbook to help people find and follow their unique path in life and business. It provides tangible exercises for readers to discover their own strengths and uniqueness and emphasises action over academic concepts. Based on Andy’s expertise, This is Your Moment takes the reader on a journey of self-examination, beginning with an exploration of them at an individual level. It explains how to remove distractions, build a positive mindset and participate in life more actively. 

Extending this into a business setting, Andy sets out how to identify the same strengths and uniqueness within organisations and projects. The book highlights the importance of working towards a purpose and making a difference by living that purpose every day. Too often self-development books go little beyond surface-level change, but in This is Your Moment, Andy explains the importance of cultural change within organisations, digging deeper to create an environment that is real, authentic and committed to unique goals. 

With chapters covering topics ranging from how individuals can let go of average standards for themselves, to exploring the uniqueness of a project or team, and methods for radically simplifying business processes, This is Your Moment is an essential tool to help anyone facing new challenges. 

This is Your Moment is the perfect read for leaders of any kind, from those in large corporate environments to smaller businesses, charities or entrepreneurs. In a time of unprecedented change, Andy provides a positive, action-focused guide to navigating periods of personal or business transition that is straight-forward and accessible to all. 

This is Your Moment is published by Panoma Press and is available on Amazon. 








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