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How to break self-sabotaging cycles and grow a business 

Becoming unstuck and winning in today’s changing environment 

Running a business is never an easy task and brings no shortage of challenges and uncertainties. For entrepreneurs and leaders steering their businesses through constantly changing environments, it can be difficult to adapt and stay abreast of new demands whilst also remaining true to the vision they have for their company. And in the day to day running of the workplace, teams often get caught up in the same, familiar processes, which although used to be productive and efficient, have now become repetitive and self-limiting cycles. 

Many leaders looking to take the next step and scale their businesses find themselves constrained by the practices that once underpinned their organisation, but no longer serve their vision for growth. In Play the Game (Panoma Press), Adam Strong brings together seventeen business leaders to share their experience of scaling. The book aims to help readers close the gap between their vision and current reality, giving them practical and intuitive advice on how to expand their business. Every contributing author has navigated significant adversity and challenges to become a successful disruptor in their field, having left behind unhelpful patterns to meet their aspirations for growth. 

Adam Strong is a former athlete turned entrepreneur, productivity expert and successful business strategist. He specialises in helping businesses scale despite their trials and contexts. After having had a taste of entrepreneurship when he was young, and with experience balancing several different projects at once, Adam is well-versed in helping passion projects and businesses alike adjust and sustain themselves through fluctuating surroundings. 

Play the Game is an extensive guide on how to identify and break out of self-sabotaging cycles. Incorporating voices from many backgrounds and industries, it helps readers consider business scaling in its totality, looking with a top-down perspective to identify the ways that they can instigate successful and lasting change. 

In the book, Adam and the other contributing authors explain the importance of finding purpose and clarity in order to forge a new path for a business’s future. Their individual chapters cover a range of topics including fostering a healthy company culture, looking after employees and emphasising collaboration, to create a scaling strategy that is transformative but also holistically manageable. 

Unlike so many collaborative books which focus on the authors’ personal stories, Play the Game solely addresses the topic of business scaling, grounded in practical tips. Including so many different approaches, readers are sure to find a solution which applies to their unique scenario and return to the book time and time again. 

Play the Game is the perfect read for any entrepreneur, business leader or individual looking to scale their business, or who simply finds themselves stuck in their ways. Exploring the journey of self-discovery and clarity that all business leaders must undertake, it aims to equip them with tools and practical strategies to subvert repetitive patterns and support the move toward a more exciting future. 

Play the Game is published by Panoma Press and available on Amazon 


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