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Event Marketing:

Is It Worth The Time And Money?

Marketing events can be expensive to organize. They can also take a lot of time to plan and prepare. If you’ve been thinking of organizing a marketing event, you may be wondering to yourself is it worth it? 

The answer: yes. Marketing events can be worthwhile – but it depends a lot on how they’re carried out. This guide explains more about the benefits of event marketing and how to organize a marketing event effectively. 

The benefits of event marketing

Event marketing has several benefits over other types of marketing. Below are three of the biggest benefits.

Events are great for building brand awareness

Events tend to be memorable occasions. By promoting your brand at an event, you can help to associate the memory of that event with your brand. Vivid displays such as these Infinity Exhibits can be great for showing off product photos, your logo and other elements of your visual branding. You can also give away promotional products at these events that can serve as a permanent reminder of your company. Events may also attract media attention and photos from attendees online, helping to further build brand awareness.

Events allow you to market to all five senses

When marketing with print, you have only visuals to rely on. When marketing online, you can experiment with visuals and audio. Events meanwhile allow you to market to all five senses – consumers can touch, taste and smell your product. With certain types of products like clothes, foods and perfumes this could be important. 

Face-to-face interaction allows more personalised sales tactics

When you’re promoting your product through text or even selling over the phone, you’re limited as to how you interact with the customer. Events enable you to communicate face-to-face, which allows you to personalise the sales tactics you use on individual customers based on factors like appearance and body language. You can also use creative ways to visually present yourself to customers such as using branded t-shirts, conducting demos of products or simply guiding people through written information.

Things to consider when investing in event marketing

Despite the benefits, marketing events can sometimes fail to make a return. This is usually because the event isn’t organized properly in order to maximize leads. To make sure that you’re next marketing event is a success, consider some of these tips:

  • Understand that time and place matters. Events should be held in an accessible location at a time that is convenient for your attendees. Always give people enough warning about your event and provide directions.
  • Marketing events need to be well promoted. Fail to market your marketing event and you could find that no-one shows up. Use social media to promote your event before, during and after. 
  • Integrate your event with other types of marketing. Give out flyers or business cards, encourage people to sign up to your mailing list and promote hashtags on Twitter and Instagram.
  • If you don’t have much experience with in-person sales, it may be worth hiring enthusiastic sales reps. This could make your sales conference or trade show much more successful.



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