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How Italian Investor Visa Can Get You On The Entrepreneurship Track

An entrepreneur thrives on risks, and this attitude brings success and growth. If you are one, you will probably know the thrill of exploring the unknown. Those willing to go the extra mile with entrepreneurship perceive starting a business abroad as the ultimate goal. Italy is a great destination for achieving the dream, thanks to the favorable environment it offers to foreign startups. But what about the immigration formalities? How can you get access to the rights to live and work here? Is the process long and tedious like in other countries? Fortunately, an Italian investor visa is an answer to all your questions. You can check the Bersani Law Firm to understand the process in detail. Let us explain how this visa option can get you on the entrepreneurship track. 

Opens you up to residence benefits

An Italian investor visa opens you up to residence benefits. You can immigrate, live, and work in the country. The option extends to your family, and you can start afresh without much hassle. The country has a favorable tax structure and one of the best education and healthcare systems in the EU. Even better, you can travel visa-free to all Schengen Zone countries for a 90-180 day period. There couldn’t be a better way to step closer to your entrepreneurial dreams than the investor visa.

Minimal eligibility requirements

Another great thing about this immigration option is that you have minimal eligibility requirements to fulfill. Anyone over 18 years and with a clean criminal record can apply. All you need to do is invest in Italy for the period you want to hold the visa. The great thing is that you have myriad options, from an innovative startup to an established company, a philanthropic donation, and government bonds. Investment ranges from €250,000 for startups to €500,000 for companies, €1 million as a donation to public welfare projects, and €2 million in bonds. What’s more, you give the money only after you land here with your investor visa.

Get a citizenship status eventually

As an entrepreneur who starts up in Italy, you will expect the business to thrive down the line. Eventually, you will want to stay back in the country. The investor visa is your ticket to Italian citizenship by naturalization in the long run. You get a temporary residence for two years to start with, which can be extended for another three years. After five years, you can obtain permanent residence in the country. Completing ten years here makes you eligible for citizenship by naturalization. The process is long and requires a good understanding of Italian immigration laws. But a citizenship expert can show you the way and help you get citizenship eventually.

Italy is one of the leading business hubs in the EU, making it an ideal destination for entrepreneurs. Apart from excellent growth prospects for foreign businesses, it offers a relatively fast and easy immigration opportunity with an investor visa. Go ahead and grab it to move a step closer to your entrepreneurial goals. 


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