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Tips To Get The Best Out Of Your Team

Managing a team is one of the most challenging aspects of running a company, but it’s also one of the most rewarding. Every business owner wants to get the best out of their team, but it’s not always easy. In this guide, we’ll discuss some effective strategies to boost performance, morale and productivity.


Communication is perhaps the most important factor to consider when building a strong business team. As the manager, it’s hugely beneficial to try to create a culture that promotes open communication and to set a good example. Take the time to meet with employees regularly and organise group meetings and one-to-one sessions. Listen to what your employees say to you and give people time and space to share views and opinions and put ideas forward. If you operate remotely, or you’re temporarily managing employees who are working from home, use technology to stay in touch and encourage collaborative working. 

Training and development

Studies suggest that employees are increasingly eager to accept job offers that provide opportunities to progress and develop. You can boost morale and encourage employees to fulfil their potential and expand their skill set by investing in training and taking advantage of innovations such as an online learning platform. Training will benefit your team, as well as the business as a whole. When implementing development strategies, it’s wise to talk to your employees about the types of courses and programmes they would like to undertake and to search for workshops and courses that are relevant to your key business objectives and your employees’ goals and targets. 

Prioritising health, wellbeing and morale

Running a cohesive, productive team depends on several factors. As well as encouraging your employees to develop new skills and work towards career goals, you can also help to enhance performance by prioritising health, wellbeing and morale. If your employees are happy and healthy and they enjoy going to work, they will be more productive and they will also be more likely to remain loyal to the company. 

As a business owner, it’s beneficial to take steps to actively promote a healthy work-life balance and address issues that could have a negative impact on performance and morale. Talk to your team and implement measures that could help to reduce the risks of common physical and mental health issues. If your employees are showing signs of stress, for example, encourage them to speak to you and manage workloads. Introducing core hours is an effective way to help your employees to manage their schedules and increase flexibility. It’s also crucial to set realistic goals. If everyone is working overtime regularly, you may need to look into hiring more staff to lower the risk of burnout and protect your workforce. Listen to your employees, put limits on contact, for example, no work emails after 6 pm or over the weekends, and try to make time for socialising. Adding a bit of fun to the working week can motivate people to work harder and improve mental wellbeing. 

Rewarding hard work and achievements

The vast majority of people respond positively to praise and rewards. If your employees have been working long hours to meet a deadline, or they have recently hit a target, acknowledge and celebrate their successes. If your employees work flat out for nothing in return, their productivity levels may fall and they may consider looking for jobs elsewhere. Make sure your team feels valued and appreciated. Rewarding hard work can help to improve employee retention rates and morale. Taking good care of employees can also enhance your brand image. 

Improving engagement

Engaged employees are more productive and passionate about their jobs. If you run a company, it’s incredibly important to try to promote employee engagement. Get to know your team, find out what makes each individual tick, outline personal goals and objectives and gain an insight into what matters most to them. Studies show that salary has been replaced by flexibility, work-life balance and opportunities to progress for many employees. If you know what matters to your employees, and you understand their priorities, you can take steps to help them stay motivated and achieve their goals.

Teamwork goes a long way to making businesses successful and maximising the chances of achieving key objectives. Managing a team is not always easy, but there are ways to get the best out of your employees and boost morale. Communicate with your employees openly, listen to ideas and concerns, get to know each individual and what makes them tick and provide opportunities to develop and progress. Engage with your team, prioritise health and wellbeing and reward hard work, dedication and success. 


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