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Using Business Downtime Effectively

Most businesses go through a period of downtime. It can be down to the seasonal nature of your business, or maybe you’re experiencing a bit of a slow period. If it’s the latter, it can be easy to get disheartened and focus your energies on the wrong tasks. 

It’s important you use this time to improve your business and take care of some of those tasks that you may not have time to do when you’re really busy but definitely need to be done. 

Reviewing your year so far

When you’re in the thick of things. It can be difficult to see your business processes as a whole. Now that you have time to step back and review things, you can often spot issues and improvements that need to be made. It will be far easier to set goals going forward. 

Schedule maintenance or replace your machinery

When the production pressure is off, arrange to have any machinery or tools repaired or replaced. Doing this regularly will ensure that things are running efficiently and can prevent larger problems later. Have your commercial oil tanks cleaned or replaced if they need it. 

Conduct market research

Are you thinking of launching a new product, or targeting a different type of customer? If so then you’re going to need to do your homework when it comes to researching the market and developing your products. Failing to do this properly could lead to financially devastating consequences for your company. 

Use the time to really get the work done, either in-house or by getting a professional in to help you with the project. 


Whether it’s a digital reorganization or an actual declutter, having a good clear out is great for productivity and safety. On the digital side, get all of your files and backups in order. Introduce project management software if you need to.

If your workplace is looking a little disorganized, have a good clear-out and invest in some storage so that you can create a better system to store everything. You’ll make it easier to find things and might even free up some space. 

Update your website

Most people head to Google to find goods and services, even if they can’t buy your products online. Keep your website up to date and optimised for search engines and mobile. 

Use the opportunity to introduce new updates and features that benefit your site visitors and clients. 

Websites often get forgotten about until there is a problem, so keep your business looking professional by updating yours regularly. 

Collect testimonials

Great reviews from happy customers are one of the best sales and marketing tools you can have. Encourage existing and previous customers to leave you a review, or better yet, take part in a case study.


Whatever the reason for your quiet period at work, take advantage of this time and use it to make tangible improvements to your business. From changing processes to clearing out the storeroom, you’ll be addressing business needs that will propel you forward and make you a success. 



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