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Mental Health

The Benefits Of Mental Health First Aid Training

The Health and wellbeing of employees is becoming a priority for many employers. After all, a healthy and happy workforce is great for everyone. Employees are happy and workplaces are productive. The COVID pandemic has highlighted the need for a focus on mental health as a society as a whole, with millions saying they have been affected by it. 

Alongside this increase in focus on wellbeing, mental health first aid training is becoming more and more popular and can have many benefits for those struggling with their mental health. 

Signs can be spotted early 

Training someone in mental health first aid can make it more likely that they will spot some of the early signs of mental health problems before they become much more serious. 

They can intervene early and help employees address any work-based issues or signpost them to professional help. 

In some cases, early intervention can even save someone’s life. 

Employees feel valued

Knowing that an employer cares about and invests in their mental and physical health can be a huge boost to an employee. By putting people through the test now you can ensure that employees feel valued and that they have a safety net. 

It becomes easier to talk about mental health

The stigma around mental health is beginning to disappear from modern life. After all, with such high numbers of people experiencing mental health issues in their lives, hiding this at work just isn’t a healthy thing to do. 

Being able to talk to someone about it and not have to put on a brave on pain is a huge thing for many people. 

A more productive workplace

Investing in the health and wellbeing of the workforce is an indication of strong company culture. Great companies have happier and engaged employees who are productive and work hard which directly affects the financial bottom line of a business. 

What mental health training can’t do

Sending people to mental health first aid training won’t do anything in isolation. The business as a whole has to believe in creating a psychologically safe environment for employees. If leadership isn’t behind it, then it won’t work. 

You must be committed to developing a company culture that doesn’t create issues with mental health and promotes a healthy work-life balance. Otherwise, it’s like training people in emergency first aid but failing to rectify problems within the company that cause people to get injured.

Also, mental health first aiders aren’t professionals. They are there to recognise the signs and try and help. They have other jobs to perform and can’t be expected to be responsible for the mental health of everyone in the organisation. 

Final thoughts

The breaking down of barriers around mental health has benefitted a lot of people immensely in all areas of society. Now that the workplace is beginning to follow suit, it shows that the health and wellbeing of employees mean something. When used in the right way, mental health first aid training can be very effective. 


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