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Top Tips For Foodpreneurs in 2022

Starting a business in 2022 can be daunting, but when it comes to the food industry the advantage is that we all either eat to live or live to eat.

When you’re passionate about food and have a great business idea, you might think that passion alone will keep your business alive. While passion is a crucial element in this industry, you’ll also need to think of a few other things to make your food business shine bright.

Location, Location, Location

Whether your business idea is in line with the catering industry, a quaint café, a food truck sporting greasy tacos or even working with a franchise, where you’re located plays a big role.

You’ll need to attract hungry by-passers and you’ll also need to make sure that your kitchen is up to scratch. Use a tool like the Ghost Kitchen Network to connect with a kitchen that fits your needs exactly, since this will form the backbone of your business. 

Keep It Simple

Usually, the best kinds of food companies are the ones that do only a few things, but they do them exceptionally well. Find your niche in the industry and avoid starting a restaurant that functions as a bit-of-everything type of place.

You know better than anyone where your skills and interests lie – use that to your advantage by creating a business that specialises in the world’s most delectable cupcakes, tacos of every sort imaginable or rustic handmade pizzas.

The food world is your oyster, but keeping it simple and skilled will allow you to really hone in on perfecting what you serve your customers. 

Live in the Kitchen

Your kitchen is where your ideas are born, bred and perfected, so if you want to make this thing work, you’re going to need to put in the hours. Let every meal you make for yourself become an experiment. 

Cook regularly for your partner, friends and family, and hear their thoughts on your creations. Fortunately, you have to eat every day, so you’ll always have a good excuse to practice at what you do best.

Rely On Feedback

Your budget, marketing, service and business plan could all be top-notch, but if people aren’t liking your food, your business is going to tank. Hear what the people like and want to see more of and use that to further your menu.

You could use social media, feedback cards at your restaurant or even simply talk to your customers face to face at their tables, or food markets. Understanding what they like and don’t like will be helpful for you.

While hearing negative feedback can be a hard blow – especially on your own creations – it’s crucial for growth, both in your business and in your mental game.


All in all, if you have the passion for what you’re creating, you’ll automatically have the drive to push your business as far as it can go.

Most chefs are perfectionists, and you can rely on that trait to bring your creations to peak performance and help your business to flourish. 


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