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When Technology Ruins Efficiency (How To Stop It!)

Generally, we’re led to believe that technology and efficiency go hand in hand. If you use technology in your business, it is going to make it more efficient. Sometimes, this is very much the case. Implementing new software automation or using new applications can streamline business processes and make your team work better and faster. 

Having said that, there are some cases where technology can ruin efficiency. You think that adding new tech to your company will improve things, but it has the opposite effect. The good news is that you can stop and prevent this from being the case. In today’s post, we’ll explain why technology can sometimes hamper productivity and how you can stop this from happening in your business. 

The two ways technology can ruin efficiency

Primarily, you can identify two main ways your technology might hold back your business: 

  • Tech issues
  • Employees struggling with the tech

With tech issues, you’re looking at common problems like network errors, software crashes and so on. These problems cause disruptions in your business as you have to spend time figuring out what’s wrong and setting things right. Therefore, your productivity decreases because you end up with a lot of downtimes. 

Employees struggling with the technology basically refers to any problems that involve your employees being unable to use the tech they’ve been given. For example, they struggle to use the features in a piece of software, or they have a hard time getting to grips with a new system. Either way, more time is wasted because your employees don’t know what they’re doing. 

How do you ensure technology improves efficiency in your business?

Looking at the previous two problems, how do you stop them from occurring and being a big issue?

Starting with tech issues, you can reduce problems by having 24/7 tech support helping you out. Nowadays, it’s easy to outsource this role to a company that can manage your tech from a distance, ensuring that everything remains updated and running smoothly. Also, choosing the right tech products is a good start – don’t opt for an internet service provider that’s known for dropping connectivity all the time, you’re asking for problems. 

To help your employees, you can do a couple of things. Firstly, it makes sense to look for custom business systems that do everything you need to do. This means your team won’t have to deal with systems that are pre-built and contain loads of features and things that they will never need to use. Stuff like this makes software applications too hard to understand because there’s a tidal wave of info, custom software condenses it all down into what they need to know. Secondly, training your employees is a must. Spend time training them to use the technology in your business and you will unleash their full potential. 

Armed with this advice, you can make technology work for your business. It won’t hamper the efficiency of your daily processes – in fact, it will do the opposite! When you learn how to use technology correctly, it will improve productivity and efficiency in the workplace. 


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