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What Types Of Marketing Do Your Customers Respond To Most?

Every customer that comes into your business is there for a reason: you’ve attracted them with your marketing. Whether you’re well branded and they were just passing, or you’ve got an established presence on the market, most of your customers were sourced via outbound and inbound marketing methods. 

But which ones worked best for you? What is really bringing old customers back for more? And what attracts new customers to your company? A good place to start is your own business stats, but let’s dig a little deeper by going into detail over the most effective marketing methods below. 

Direct Marketing

If you want to meet people where they really are, direct marketing is the one for you! Emails and text messages, etc., are two very popular ways to directly market to people. You’ll need the consumers in question to allow you to use their email address and phone number, but any calls to action you send out will be much more personal as a result. 

Similarly, if you’ve got an app you can choose to send push notifications, meaning as long as your app is downloaded and notifications are on. Your name and logo will always be on their phone screen, and always on their mind. 

Video Marketing

Video, as a form of media, is an incredibly powerful tool. It’s why so many social media posts go viral – when you can see the action play out, there’s a lot more content and interactivity available there for everyone. Which is why it’s a good idea to invest in Video Production this year; the more video marketing you conduct, the more likely your social media and other digital channels will take off. 

And not only that, but video content is much more versatile than any other kind of content. You can make all kinds of videos that draw people in, such as artistic pieces, comedy skits, and step-by-step tutorials. The more range you have, the higher your conversion rate is likely to be, and on and on the cycle goes. Remember, video is what really gets people talking, even if they have something negative to comment! 

Collaborative Marketing

Are you part of any company networks? Do you know other business owners in the area? Do you have a friend of a friend who works at a big business you’d love to get noticed by? Start pulling on all these threads, because marketing as a collective is incredibly effective in the modern era. 

If you’ve got a product or service that appeals to another market, you can join forces with a business that’s already found success there, and vice versa. People love getting more value for money, and you get more brand awareness (at the least) as a result! Of course, you’ll have to pick and choose your partners carefully, but this is definitely a method worth considering. 

Your customers are going to respond to multiple types of marketing, but make sure you know which are most relevant. 


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