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Small Spaces

5 Tips for Creating a Home Office in a Tight Space

If you’re wanting to jump-start your business then it’s best to know that you should always try to make a designated space just for it. Whether you need to rent an office space or even turn one of your rooms into a home office. The idea of a home office sounds quite luxurious but truthfully, a home office could be technically anywhere at home.

 This not only saves you money as you won’t need to rent out a space, but it also means you can work comfortably from your own home. Even if you’re tight on space, it’s best to keep in mind that all it takes is some thoughtful planning and creativity and you can even turn some extra space into a productive one. So these are some tips to do just that.

Be open to using any room

When it comes to a home office, you don’t necessarily need to clean out some space or have one room just dedicated to it. It’s honestly further from the case. Most homes just don’t have the luxury for that anyways.  A home office can be placed anywhere such as a corner of your living room, bedroom, or elsewhere.

Zone in an area with paint

Since a home office can be placed anywhere, it may even help to create that “work zone” by simply painting a small area of a room. This can contrast the rest of the colours on the wall which will immediately help with creating the illusion of a new space.

Utilise wall space

When it comes to small spaces or even just limited space in general, you’re going to want to utilize the walls as much as you possibly can. This includes getting some shelves or other wall-mounted storage units. This can include a fold-down compartment or even folded furniture. But try to use as much of the wall space as you can when building your little home office.

Avoid large furniture

Purchasing large pieces of furniture such as a big desk or chair is only going to make you have to resort to putting some of your items in your home in self-storage. Unless this is something that you were planning on doing anyway, it’s best to avoid large pieces of furniture for your home office. Instead, try to look for folded furniture or even use furniture that is multifunctional. For instance, using a table or a bar as a desk.

Keep office clutter behind closed doors

You’re going to want to avoid mixing business with pleasure at all costs. One great way to separate the two, even in your own home, is by hiding away your work-related materials. No matter what type of business you’re going for, it’s best to try to hide the materials you’re needing for your business. This can include placing your supplies in a cupboard, closet, or even in just some boxes.

If you don’t even have many supplies you can get a trolley and once you’re done with work for the day just push the materials somewhere out of sight.  In general, you’re going to want to make your home office more homely so separating the two is best.


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