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5 Tips On How To Create A Great Home Office Space

Although the home office is contained in a single room, it does not mean that you cannot make efficient use of space. With some clever ideas and tips, you can create an area that works for your needs.

Here Are 5 Tips On How To Create A Great Home Office Space

1. Use The Walls To Display Pictures Or Other Items That Are Important To You

Use floating shelves on one wall to give yourself more display options without adding width. These shelves should be at eye level so you can see what’s there when sitting behind your desk, but they should not take up too much space in your office layout. Also, consider getting bookcases if storage is needed – they are still slender enough to fit into a hallway corner while providing plenty of storage space.

2. Install Overhead Shelving

Having cheap garage shelving or two above your desk is a great way to free up some surface space and still have things close at hand when needed most – such as reference materials, manuals, and other items that you often use. 

While partitions do not allow for much headroom, an area of shelving can be built into the layout with no problem. In addition, a wall-mounted track can be used so you can easily slide even tall storage units out of the way if necessary without needing to move a bunch of stuff.

3. Use Legless Furniture Whenever Possible

A table or desk with legs can take up a lot of floor space – even more than you might think if the legs are large and bulky. So instead, consider an office cabinet that has no legs of its own but rather sits directly on the floor. Not only will this free up tons of space, but it also makes it easier for you to get in and out of your chair without having to climb over anything! 

Another option is using furniture with wheels so you can easily move things around when needed instead of finding extra storage space elsewhere in the room where it cannot be reached easily at all times.

4. Use Under Bed Storage Units

Whenever possible, use under bed storage units to store your office supplies instead of putting them on shelves or in drawers where you have to move things aside every time you need something out. 

Since these units come in all kinds of sizes and styles, it is quite easy to find one that will fit your needs without making the room look cluttered with too much furniture. If they are not tall enough for what you need, just build some extra shelving above them!

5. Plan Around Your Computer Workstation

Whenever possible, plan around your computer workstation and other items that you often use, such as a printer or fax machine. If these items can be placed near each other, this leaves plenty of room for extra storage space to hold all of the extras that do not need to be accessed quite often. 

In addition, putting your files within reach is just asking for trouble since it encourages constant interruptions from coworkers/family members who have questions about the filing system.


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