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Professional Simplicity…

Striving For Greater Professional Simplicity?

Making a success of yourself professionally speaking can be a very challenging and daunting process — and for entrepreneurs, in particular, it can involve a lot of trial and error, and a multitude of setbacks along the way.

Today, there are an increasing range of different tools and platforms available, all with the potential to lead to incremental and marginal benefits here and there. Many professionals become completely caught up in trying to leverage as many different strategies as possible in order to ensure that their business or career is set on the right path

In a time of ever-increasing complexity, however, there are some who argue that striving for greater professional simplicity may be key when it comes to maximising productivity, reducing stress, and much more besides.

Here are a few tips for striving for — and hopefully achieving — greater professional simplicity.

Look into the ever-developing world of smart-tech solutions

It’s undeniable that the professional landscape is becoming much more complex in general, in a range of different ways — and in this sense, the professional landscape is just mirroring changes in the world at large.

With more “moving parts” involved in running a successful business, or staying on top of the demands of your career, it seems all but self-evident that it’s necessary to make use of new technologies in order to better manage and offset this complexity.

Today, tools like Wireless Temperature Monitoring allow owners of restaurants and other businesses to better exercise quality control and avoid professional mishaps, while out and about. And there are many such technologies, tools, and services that can have a very beneficial effect on helping to manage and streamline otherwise complex systems.

Practice and refine the art of being present in your day-to-day professional life

Today, we are all faced by more distractions than ever before, coming at us through a huge range of different channels. But it’s not just a matter of increased advertising, social media, and all of the rest either — the structure of the workplace has quite radically changed.

According to commentators such as Cal Newport, the fact that businesses today increasingly “build in” distractions for their employees, such as by requiring them to be available at all times on messaging apps, wreaks havoc on focus and complexity.

A lot of excessive complexity — or the feeling of excessive complexity — ultimately comes down to being distracted from the present moment and instead being fixated on future concerns, past rumination, and so on.

By practising and refining the art of being present in your day-to-day professional life — such as by taking up a meditation practice and avoiding multitasking — you can radically simplify the amount of complexity you encounter at each step of the way.

Aim to maximise deep focus and flow wherever you can

Flow and deep focus are essentially two sides of the same coin — and both refer to being deeply immersed in an activity, to the extent that outside distractions fade from awareness.

By aiming to maximise deep focus and flow wherever you can in your day — such as by “time blocking” work-related tasks and minimising distractions — your days can end up seeming much “simpler” and more streamlined.


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