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As easy as one, two, free: what office essentials can you get without needing to pay?

Running an office is quite the expense, to say the least. Saving money wherever possible is a good idea for conserving as much of your office budget as you can! Surprisingly, there are many office essentials you can get without needing to pay. Outlined here are just a few of them!

Microsoft Office

Arguably the backbone of any business, Microsoft Office offers a variety of products that can benefit accounting, copywriting, hosting presentations, online meetings and more. Fortunately, offices can access all Microsoft Office products for free! Whether your office uses Apple Mac technology or a Windows 10 PC, you can make use of Microsoft Office for free in your web browser. 

There is a catch: web-based versions of Microsoft Office are simple, and cannot work offline. Nevertheless, they are powerful products in their own right, with impressive editing and uploading capabilities. Create Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents without fuss.

Business Cards

Any office worth their salt knows how to advertise their business. Keeping a stock of business cards around the office means they can be easily handed out to visiting clients or shareholders. This makes business cards a firm office essential. However, business cards usually cost a substantial amount of money! Contrary to what you might think, there are ways to access free business cards for your office, no payment required. 

Search for free business card templates online, and purchase cheap printable business card sheets from your local supply store. Although you are purchasing the sheets yourself, the cost is nothing compared to paying a company for a full-colour print. You can print them yourself, right from the office.

Accounting Software

It’s essential that, when in the office, you keep the accounts for your company up-to-date and in order. However, funding accounting software for an entire business can soon get a little pricey. Being a vital component of your office, there are versions of accounting software out there that are 100% free! Very few have limitations on the quantity of invoices, expenses, reports and customers that you can deal with; this makes free accounting software a viable option for your office and business. 

Phone Service

Perhaps the most important part of running an office is having around-the-clock communication, both with your colleagues and customers. This communication is rooted in a reliable phone service. One of the ways to access a free phone service- and much more – is to set up your operations in a Serviced Office From BE Offices. 

Serviced Offices

In a serviced office such as this, you receive telephone calls that are completely free. Not only that, but you benefit from high-speed roaming WiFi and 10GB internet pipes. This guarantees your office will be fully functional, and always reachable by phone, no matter the weather. 

All in all, a serviced office space can give you access to many office essentials, included in your monthly rent. In a serviced office, you receive plenty of office essentials without needing to pay an extra, such as free phones, WiFi, ergonomic furniture, state of the art video conferencing software, bean to cup coffee, fruit, doughnuts, and more. 

That was as easy as one, two, free – some helpful hints to get office essentials without needing to pay. 


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