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Microsoft Office 365

How Microsoft Office 365 Benefits Small Business

The same technology that helps big businesses thrive can be used for small businesses, too – just on a smaller scale. 

Microsoft Office 365 offers the opportunity to remain cost-effective while still managing data streams, workloads, communication, and more. 

So how can your small business benefit from Microsoft Office 365? 

We work in a world that has many remote workers, and while one country is closing the doors for the night, the other is waking up. This means that in 24 hours, there might be numerous people requesting access and information. 

With Microsoft 365, your workers have access to everything they need on any device they need it on. So if you have workers traveling to meet clients, freelancers on the other side of the world – or even a crisis at 3 am, you have what you need when you need it. 


Microsoft Office 365 security is a robust solution to have the right security and safety for your users and your clients alike. There is a wide range of features, including data loss prevention and customizable access restrictions. However, it is typically better to partner with experts to ensure the settings you have will keep you protected. 

Easy to use

While you should have a good training program for your staff, you typically don’t need extensive training to use Microsoft 365. Since most people are familiar with things like Outlook, Microsoft Word, Team, and others, it is easy to implement at speed. 

It is designed for organizations that don’t have a high level of technological knowledge. 

However, it does have an online portal that means you and your employees have access to all of the basics, and for anything more technical, you can kick the question back to the company you chose to implement and maintain your Microsoft Office 365. 


Being able to collaborate at speed within the teams and with clients can allow you to do what you do faster and more efficiently. Sharing files, editing, signing, messages, and more make collaboration fast and effective. 

It is intuitive, too, so you will be able to find the latest versions of the files you need all in one place. 


Part of having great collaboration is incredible coordination. Office 365 has all of the tools that are most commonly used in business, including Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.

There are different types of subscriptions that offer some advanced features, but most of the time, for a small business, the basics are fine. 


Combining Skype and Outlook as well as Team means you have a fast and efficient set of communication tools. Working with remote teams means that you can use collaboration and communication tools to sign off on work, co-author documents, and deliver work in real-time. 

And finally, one of the biggest benefits is that you can budget for the monthly spending. Only use the services you need most, and scale up or down as you need to. 

Having a single software platform for managing your business is both practical in terms of cost and in terms of efficiency. 

Microsoft Office 365 can be part of your communication efforts within your business, and here are more tips to make it even better: Communication – Start Your Business Magazine



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