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Are Billboards Really Still Effective in 2022?

Advertising is one of the best ways for companies to spread the word about their brands and products. Of all the ways you can advertise your company, Out of Home (OOH) displays such as billboards have traditionally been the most effective. However, with new technology and ways to advertise now available, are billboards really still effective in 2022? 

Online v OOH

Online advertising has grown in all areas over the years. For the most part, you can’t click on a website or stream a movie without seeing at least one ad. 

OOH has the advantage of being seen by many people throughout the day. With billboards especially, they are often a dominating figure on the streets and can’t go unnoticed by the people going past. 

The advantage OOH has over online advertising is the ability to be seen without interruption. The rise in ad-blocking software online means marketing teams are finding it harder to get noticed online. 

OOH v Printed Advertising

Advertising in newspapers and magazines is still a popular way to display ads. It is true to say that printed media can help you to target a certain demographic that is going to read that publication anyway. 

With OOH advertising, you don’t have to rely on someone buying a newspaper or magazine to see your ad. People will be exposed to it every time they go by which can have a greater impact. 

Billboards Get Seen 

Because billboards are often placed in locations with the most reach, they get seen by vast numbers of people. 

In the US, 80% of American consumers stated that they noticed a billboard ad in 2019. Even with a slight fall in 2020 because of the pandemic, billboards and OOH, in general, are seeing continued growth. 

If you are considering creating ads for your company, then this figure will no doubt make you think it is worth considering. 

Moving With the Times

Although billboards and OOH advertising have been around since the 1800s, they are not fixed in the past. 

With emerging new technologies, OOH is trying new things to help companies get their ads noticed. 

Digital Out of Home (DOOH) is something many companies are using to create eye-catching ads but also show more of them in one display. 

One display board can now show multiple ads over the course of one day, and even get updated in real-time. 

The use of tracking technology has also made OOH displays better at showing advertisers who are looking at their displays. 

Motion sensors and cameras are not used in some displays to see who looks at the ad and for how long. This data can be invaluable for companies who want to know how effective their ads are. 

So, are billboards really still effective in 2022? 

While advertising channels have expanded over the past few years, the traditional billboards and OOH displays are still having a big impact on people’s buying choices. If you are considering advertising for your company, then billboards and OOH displays should be part of your marketing plan in 2022, and for years to come. 


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