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Attracting Customers

3 Ways to Entice People to Visit Your Business

If you’re wanting to make your retail business stand out, or any other business you own where customers/ clients can freely walk in and out of your business, then you’ll need to focus on making it more attractive. When it comes to being a small business owner, it can be fairly tough, especially if it’s a physical location that relies on physical traffic such as a retail store or café.

All physical businesses need to develop a strategy to market the right people and to entice them to come inside. But, getting your business known and creating the temptation of getting people to come inside isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do either.  Marketing strategies aren’t created equal. Some can indeed work better than others. So what can work bet for your business? Here are some ideas you could try.

Can your business smell good

Have you ever walked past a building and a big whiff of an indulging scent just hits your face? It makes you want it, that scent makes you want to find it, right? Well, this can be a part of sensory marketing. Department stores will do this to keep people in the store and to feel relaxed. Bakeries often utilize this by opening up windows to let the smell linger around. And this is something you can do too. Something as simple as a nicely scented candle can do wonders. It cozies up the place but it also entices potential customers to go inside and take a look at what is offered.

Think about creative displays

While window shopping isn’t as big as it once was, it can still work. Whether people are driving past your business or walking by, having a nice display set up could be a great way to  pique curiosity and lure in some customers. This technique is still fairly common on major shopping streets in cities and towns worldwide. Some ideas could include mannequins if you’re selling clothes, lighting techniques, signs, or get as creative as you’d like.

The goal is to upsell your products or services. Visual merchandise helps this. Even if you’re a bakery or restaurant, it’s still possible. Cafes and restaurants can put tables next to the window to show it’s a cozy place.  Bakeries can make cake displays to do this as well.

Don’t forget the exterior

While creative window displays are important, there are other ways you could create a nice looking exterior to your shop too. This can include a nice visually appealing sign that could lure in customers. If you plan to do this, make sure you see a graphic designer first who could lend you a hand. Another option could be ensuring that the building itself is nice and clean. 

Meaning that it doesn’t have any damage to it, it’s well painted, and overall looks tidy. You can have the best business around but if it looks unkempt then customers will judge. Another idea could include adding some florals or other plants. It’s a great way to make the business come off as very welcoming.




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