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3 Teams In Your Company That Will Make or Break You

There are three very important teams within your company that you should pay close attention to at all times. These teams need to be fully stocked with the best people in order to establish your place within your industry. Letting any one of these teams falter can result in a lot of cracks to your strong foundation. Here is where you need to focus a lot of your attention.


Marketing is the crux of all of your success. People need to know who you are and what you are offering. Most of all, your images, content, and name need to be going around in the right circles. Marketing can help you seek out networking events, and can establish your brand for all to discover. Hiring someone to do this for you is a great way to take this off of your plate and leave it to the professionals. 

Companies like SLG are an all-in-one powerhouse that can help your brand, market it, and work on PR. Focus your attention here and through the power of print and social media you stand out.

Finance and Account Department

Never turn a blind eye towards your finances. At all times, you need to know where every coin is going from buying paper to doling out bonuses. If it is something as small as buying tissues for the breakroom, you must be on top of it. The best way to stay on top of your money is to have a fully equipped finance and accounting department. Working with good business accountants will make your life extremely easy. 

Accountants can help you with things like:

  • Taxes: getting them done on time and correctly. Also, they will keep track of receipts and deductions as the year goes on so that you are always organized and in the event of an audit, you will have all of your paperwork ready to go. 
  • Adjusting Incomes: As you become more successful, you are going to start paying people more. That includes yourself. If you offer things like bonuses or certain incentives, an accountant will help you keep track of these increases in spending and help you not overextend your business wallet.
  • Weekly Reports: get them made and have them on your desk. Every week, you need to know what is going on with your money. The sooner you and your accountant find mistakes, the sooner they can be corrected before a huge financial disaster takes place. 

Information Technology

Everything is digital, everything runs on a computer, and everything can crumble with the strike of the wrong key. Make sure your IT department knows what they are doing. The current population loathes having to wait for anything, and if your site, payment methods, or social media goes haywire, you could lose customers. 

Do yourself a favor and get the right people on board who can fix these problems before they get too big. Also, IT professionals can help you keep all of your digital information safe and organized in order to facilitate the jobs of your accountant and your marketing team.



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