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Uncovering The Communication Secrets That Win in the Digital Age 

 Human communication is the foundation of every society, constantly evolving to suit new formats and serve new purposes. In the digital age, how we communicate is shaped by technology, instant connections and social media. With increased efficiency, reach and range of mediums, digitalisation has transformed the human capacity to forge connections. 

However, it is easy for the enthusiasm for new developments to run away with itself. The digital shift is not something to accept at face value, its pervasiveness is fast becoming as much a hindrance as an opportunity for people to make their mark. 

In Nimblicity, communication coach Darren Briggs and political strategist Nicholas Wright both celebrate the transformative impact of digital media on communication and highlight its  

limitations, emphasising the need for a grasp of the basic principles of effective communication over flashy digital campaigns. 

At the heart of their message is the importance of understanding and empathising with an audience, having a clear outcome and remaining able to adapt a communication plan to suit current perspectives. Nimblicity is a fresh take on how to embrace modern technologies without letting their influence become overwhelming. 

In the book, Darren and Nicholas provide a comprehensive guide for both readers hoping to completely overhaul their approach to communication and those simply looking to check they are meeting their potential. Using a vast array of real-life examples, both from their own experience and from history, Nimblicity illustrates the art of communication in vivid colour, highlighting instances when things turned out well and where there are lessons to be learned. 

Written in a structured but accessible manner, Darren and Nicholas’ ‘Ten Laws for Nimblicity’ give the reader a thorough walk through of how to approach effective communication from start to finish. The book’s chapters cover topics such as why flexible planning is a must, how to respond to current events, tips for active listening and why, despite its many flaws, technology will always be indispensable to communication. 

For business leaders and entrepreneurs Nimblicity includes stories about CEOs of legendary companies and how they connected with their employees in trying times. For activists there are case studies about Australia’s landmark ‘End of Life Choice’ campaign, and for political campaigners there are examples from some of the world’s most tumultuous political landscapes, including Zimbabwe and Pakistan among others. 

Through Nimblicity, Darren and Nicholas aim to instigate lasting change. They challenge conventional wisdom in terms of how leaders should think about the way they communicate to influence others and encourage people to strategise, becoming intentional with their messages and focused on their audiences. 

Nimblicity is the perfect read to help business leaders, communication professionals, 

students, campaigners or even just casual readers master how they communicate and uncover the potential they never knew they had. 

Nimblicity is published by Panoma Press and available on Amazon 



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