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Jorge Moral 

Jorge Moral is a professional Coach that helps overwhelmed coaches that are stuck in fear and anxiety, get clarity and be empowered to start their journey as a Coach. His speciality is empowering and holding his clients accountable to shape their coaching careers and live a purposeful and fulfilled life. SYB caught up with Jorge to find out more about his career and why he believes ‘excuses are the tools of the mediocres’… 

Can you tell us about your background and career to date? 

I was born and raised in Lima, Peru, however, when I was around 20 or 21, I decided to leave the country and move to Maryland, America, to find myself. I worked many jobs in the hope to make as much money as possible, however once I started working in mortgages, I realised that that was my best bet to earn the most money. Although, I could have made a career in mortgages, after a few years I felt very unfulfilled. It was in my search for another job that I met my first coach who revealed to me that my focus was all wrong. He showed me that I was chasing money and there was more to achieve than that. He inspired me to start using the skills I didn’t know I had, to create a positive impact by helping transform people’s lives.  

As a successful leader, what’s been instrumental to your success? 

I believe that by being resilient, having social intelligence and practicing gratitude has helped me grow as a leader, but also on a personal level as well.  

Can you share a favourite quote that could help another coach? 

One of my favourite quotes is “Excuses are the tools of the mediocres”. The reason for this is because when you stop making excuses and own the mistakes you make, solutions will start to appear, allowing you to develop and grow as a person, enabling you to achieve your goals.  

Based on your success and own experience, how would you advise other coaches to offer first-class customer experience? 

The first thing to ensure is that you do what you say you will. Having guidelines in place and making sure you’re clear on what you need to deliver to your clients is essential. It’s also important to focus on quality over quantity, to ensure the best results are achieved. Remember, satisfied clients result in customer referrals and repeat business. 

For coaches that want to have a highly successful career, what top tips would you give them? 

For me, in order to have a successful career in coaching, you need to have 100% clarity on what your niche is. After all, if you’re unsure on your target market, how can you expect to attract high ticket clients? The next piece of advice is to have an automated process that allows you to focus on coaching. It’s very easy to end up trying to do it all, but what you really need to focus on is being the coach. The next thing I’d say is to create a high-ticket offer, allowing you to have a 70% structured program and the other 30% can be personalized to each client. I’d also recommend looking at good marketing, making sure you are showing your credibility as a coach at all times. Last but by no means least, I would advise on getting your own support in the form of a coach. Yes, even coaches need coaches! 

Finally, when starting a business, it’s very easy to burn the candle at both ends. How should fellow coaches ensure they’re looking after their mental and physical wellbeing? 

A morning and evening routine, which incorporates either meditation or prayer, or both, is really important. I personally think it’s a brilliant way to remain balanced. A great way to look after both your physical and mental health is by exercising every day. Additionally, having a good work-life balance is really vital too, as otherwise your clients won’t be getting the best version of you.   


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