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Success Secrets for Wellbeing

How to prioritise wellbeing for business success 

Living a balanced and healthy life when under pressure to succeed 

Running a business has always been a stressful occupation, and as the structures which have long governed the working world are steadily dismantled by virtual collaboration tools and flexible working patterns, steering a company has become an increasingly unpredictable task. 

Amongst the demand for a business to grow, the need to look after staff, ensure a positive turnover, and of course, have the chance to innovate, it is easy for business leaders’ own personal health and wellbeing to take a hit. Success Secrets for Wellbeing is the answer to that problem. A fascinating assembly of tips and advice from top professionals on how to live a more balanced and healthy existence, it aims to help readers become self-empowered and prioritise their own wellbeing, even when under significant pressure. 

Success Secrets for Wellbeing is the go-to book for fresh insights into how professionals and entrepreneurs can put their wellbeing first. The book covers a vast range of topics, with every contributing author addressing a new subject within their chapter, drawing on their vast experience in industries like healthcare, cybersecurity, coaching, psychology and health ergonomics. 

 All of the authors are members of the BIP100 (Business Is Personal 100), an exclusive community of one hundred diverse business owners who place friendship and caring at the top of their values. The BIP100 was created based on the principle that experiencing a personal sense of connection and belonging is influential, if not imperative, to achieving business success. 

Each of the eleven authors draw on their expertise for the benefit of others. They offer valuable advice for people of all backgrounds, situations and experience, but their words are particularly pertinent for readers who feel the pressure and stress of building a career or running a business.  

Success Secrets for Wellbeing marries interesting concepts with practical application, delving into topics which link caring for your physical health to personal wellbeing, including holistic dentistry, how to ward off back pain and the importance of exercise to care for your mental health. That combined with several more theoretical tips around how to build community and drive change within organisations and advice on target setting and managing your priorities, it leaves no stone unturned in helping readers identify what they need to change to improve their wellbeing.  

Many books for a business audience focus purely on business growth or self-improvement, but Success Secrets for Wellbeing prompts readers to consider themselves first before jumping to the bigger picture. Without caring for their wellbeing no individual can achieve sustainable business success. In this book, each author provides one puzzle piece to help people discover their own paths to accomplishment.  

No two things will work for the same people, and therefore, the diversity of content in Success Secrets for Wellbeing is sure to contain something for everyone. It is the perfect read for business leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals or anyone feeling wanting to learn how to care for their wellbeing when under prolonged stress. 

Success Secrets for Wellbeing is published by Panoma Press and available on Amazon 


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