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What Is Your Brand Identity And Why Does It Matter?

When you are building up your business, you should always consider elements like brand identity. If you have a strong brand, it’s going to be far easier to get people to trust your company and invest in your products or services, even if they never have before. 

In short, your brand identity is how people understand and perceive your business as well as what you can offer. 

The identity of your brand can be made up of lots of different pieces that either work together or that play off each other. For instance, your business team will often be part of your identity. The work they put in or their failings will all be considered by your customers and be reflected in the reviews of your company. 

Every piece of content that you create also helps to shape your brand. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you have a style guide for your business in place. Particularly, if you are using outsourcing agents or freelancers who may not have the same knowledge of your company. 

What Happens If Your Brand Identity Is Damaged?

There are countless ways that your brand identity can be damaged. For instance, it could be due to a low standard of quality. This can lead to bad buzz online and cause customers to lose faith in your company. 

When thinking about reviews for your business, keep in mind that 80% of customers now check reviews online before they even think about committing to the purchase of a product or service. If you don’t have the right reviews in place, then your business is already in trouble here. 

Your brand identity can also be damaged by an outside attack. Have you heard of a negative SEO campaign? This is a marketing tactic where instead of focusing on themselves companies focus on getting their rivals to rank, for all the wrong reasons. Negative SEO can include damaging reviews or think pieces about your business. 

Recovering from an attack like this is always going to be difficult. You will need the help of a professional marketing agency to get things back on track. 

If your brand identity is damaged, it will weaken your reach and your level of trust on the market. You could also struggle to encourage new customers or clients to take a chance on your business if they haven’t before. 

How Can You Protect Your Brand Identity? 

To protect your brand identity, you should think about hiring reputation management for business customers. Through reputation management, various aspects of your brand can be controlled effectively. This could include elements such as your social media profiles as well as the content that you create. Reputation management will also check negative reviews and correct issues here where possible. 

It’s also important to make sure that you have the right quality checks. If you fall short on quality, then you are giving your customers every reason not to buy from your business. 

We hope this helps you understand why your brand identity matters and the steps you should take to keep it at the right level. 


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