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Top Tips To Make Your Office More Stylish

A recent Unispace study revealed that 67% of workers in the UK and Ireland were reluctant to return to the office. However, 93% of these workers admitted that workplace improvements would encourage them to return. A well-designed office space can greatly impact business success, so it is prudent to design a workplace that successfully balances a professional business image with the comforts of home. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to make your office appear more modern. If you wish to learn more about making your workplace stylish, consider the points below.

Open up the space

Many interior design experts agree that you can always make the most of your space by choosing a more open-plan layout, regardless of its size. You can open your space by dismantling cubicles, tearing down office partitions, or rearranging the desk layout. An open layout will make the most of your space; it can also make the entire area seem bigger. Finally, an open layout will provide employees with more freedom and space to collaborate, making your workforce more efficient.

Install quality balustrades

Stainless steel balustrade systems have become quite popular among homeowners and entrepreneurs seeking to enhance the look of their homes and offices, respectively. Stainless steel balustrades are highly sought-after because of their many advantages. For instance, they are sleek and minimalistic, making them the perfect addition to contemporary spaces. They are also highly versatile and can be used with wire and glass without complicating the overall design. Balustrades can also make your workplace more secure by preventing accidental falls and authorised entry and enhancing the aesthetic appeal. Many balustrade installers have incorporated visual planning software into their websites, so you can design your preferred system and receive an invoice in minutes.

Introduce more glass

One of the best ways to make your workplace look more modern is by introducing more glass. You have likely noticed the huge, contemporary glass-fronted skyscrapers in city centres and their complementary interior glass elements. Several offices worldwide have picked up on this trend after realising that the more glass in their space, the better. A good way to introduce more glass into your office is to install glass partitioning systems, so keep this in mind. These systems can make a great first impression on visitors and are the ideal for maximising natural light while maintaining a more open workspace and ensuring privacy.

Brand the space

Branding is undoubtedly key in business. Consequently, companies typically brand everything from their websites to products but often ignore their office space. However, many modern workplaces don’t shy away from splashing branding across their space to add visual interest. Therefore, you can also brand your workspace in various ways, from frosting your logo onto a pane of glass to integrating your company’s colours into the furniture, walls, and artwork. It is vital to select the right colours since Reboot estimates that using a signature colour can boost brand recognition by 80%.


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