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Barriers to Business

5 Common Barriers for a New Business that You Might Face

Starting a company is never easy. The competition alone causes enough headaches. But there are common barriers for a new business you will come across eventually. Here are a few.

Previous Debts Can Hinder Your Business

Debt. The “D” word. Debt is literally a four-letter word. And it’s a word no one wants to hear. But crucially, it can be a major headache when launching a new business. Startups via crowdfunding may not be as tied down by this. But if you want a bank loan, your personal or other business debt can get in the way. Fortunately, solutions such as the NDH Financial IVA packages can write off debt up to a certain amount. These can be useful if you need to get rid of debt quickly while in the process of forming a new company.

Investment in Physical Security is Crucial

Cybersecurity is rampant these days. At the very least, you should ensure that your physical site has a functioning CCTV system. More sophisticated security technology might also be required. Among these are biometrics, full-body scanners, and user access controls. You might need these to protect our assets. While systems like these might seem like overkill, they are necessary for modern startups. You can find services via online methods or hire private security staff. Nonetheless, they can help secure against corporate crime and antitrust.

Barriers for a New Business Include Insurance

All necessary insurance and legal coverage must be established once a suitable site has been selected. In the long run, not getting insurance can be devastating and stop your business in its tracks. A startup, especially a tech business, should always have indemnity insurance, employer insurance, and legal insurance. There are law firms specialising in business-related claims or those made against employers for many reasons. So your insurance package should be tailored to include cover for all eventualities if the worst happens.

Finding the Right Employees

Hard-working employees are your most valuable resource but also your most expensive one. There’s no free lunch, and living costs are continuously rising. It’s your job as a responsible employer to pay your staff fairly for their work. Hiring new employees is one of your most significant expenses. While interviewing is tedious, it’s necessary when you’re looking for a new employee. Additionally, you should take the extra time to ensure any new hires are a good fit. The cost of replacing talent is often the same as one year’s salary.

Underestimating Marketing

Having the right marketing strategy is essential for a business to be successful, especially for a startup. With the constant flow of information, marketing isn’t just about magazines and flyers but also about a lot of stuff online. So create a website for your business before you begin. This is the first step in your marketing strategy. You probably have a good website if you’ve used crowdfunding. As soon as the site is up and running, it should be optimised. Because when a potential customer hears about your company, they will probably search for you online.


Some of the challenges of developing a new business can be overcome with the right attitude and some help. The most common include previous debts, money for security and talented staff.



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