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Rivaling Silicon Valley:

3 Things to Know About the Silicon Slopes

When people discuss the tech industry and internet startups, the fast-paced and innovative environment of Silicon Valley usually comes to mind – and they wouldn’t be wrong. Places such as Menlo Park, Palo Alto, and the surrounding areas have been the birthplace of tech giants like Apple, LinkedIn, Quora, Facebook, and Google.

However, this perception is changing. If you want to launch a tech startup, Silicon Valley isn’t the only place to do it anymore. In fact, massive tech hubs can now be found from Berlin and London to Tokyo and Singapore. And, of course, tech hubs are also cropping up a bit closer to home.

In fact, one of the most exciting new tech hubs can be found right here in North America, in Park City and Provo in Salt Lake City, Utah. This diverse new hub is called the Silicon Slopes.

The Silicon Slopes hosts more than 6000 tech startups – however, the utah tech boom is still relatively new.

Here are three things you should know about Salt Lake City’s own tech Mecca.

1. There Are Excellent Transport Links

Just a two-hour flight from Silicon Valley and served by Salt Lake City International Airport, the Silicon Slopes are easily accessible by entrepreneurs on the east coast – especially those who often take the six-hour flight from New York to California.

Regarding transportation, Utah’s traffic and public transport are much easier to endure than the endless traffic jams that pack the roads from Silicon Valley to Silicon Beach.

Although traffic issues may seem trivial when you’re planning to launch a startup, studies have shown that an employee’s daily commute actually has a massive impact on job satisfaction and productivity. Basing your company in the Silicon Slopes means you and your employees won’t have to sit in hours of traffic.

2. You’ll be Surrounded by Likeminded Individuals

Although the Silicon Slopes used to be mainly farmland, the landscape has changed dramatically in recent years. Now, the Slopes host thousands of up-and-coming tech companies – most of which are “unicorns” (startups worth more than a billion dollars).

While some entrepreneurs might regard the presence of so many tech startups as a threat, most agree that having other tech companies around yours allows for collaboration, networking, and some healthy competition. In the Silicon Slopes, you’ll be surrounded by giants like Microsoft, eBay, Adobe, Domo, InsideSales, Workfront, and more.

3. There’s No Shortage of Talent

While there are still plenty of talented people in the tech industry in Silicon Valley, there is a massive talent shortage. That’s because the demand for top talent has outstripped the supply – making it challenging for startups to hire the employees they need to propel the business forward.

Not so in the Silicon Slopes. While Utah is not as well-known for its talent pool as Silicon Valley, there are enough qualified graduates from Brigham Young and the University of Utah to go around. Hiring these graduates is also an opportunity to hire young employees, promote them internally, and build a dream team for your company.

Final Words

In 2016, Forbes named Utah the best state for business for the third time in a row. And the Silicon Slopes tech boom is still growing.

The world-class startups in Salt Lake City are putting Utah on the map. It’s only a matter of time before the next big tech innovation in the industry emerges – not from Silicon Valley, but from the Silicon Slopes.  


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