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Remote Teams:

How to Create A Good Company Culture

There’s a lot to love about setting up a company that uses remote workers. For one thing, it gives you access to a wider talent pool. Your employees don’t have to come from the city in which you’re based; they can come from anywhere that has an internet connection. Plus, remote employees are generally happier, which means more productivity! 

However, there are some challenges to having a team of remote workers. For instance, it can be difficult to create a good company culture. However, it’s not impossible. In this blog, we’ll run through some useful tips that’ll ensure the atmosphere within your business is nothing but positive.k

Give Trust

This is a big one. All too often, businesses that have remote workers make the mistake of failing to give their employees the level of trust that they deserve. On the one hand, you can understand it; it’s hard to fully know what an employee is doing when they’re not in the office. However, the truth is that by failing to give trust, you’ll be killing the culture. There are plenty of companies that offer what essentially amounts to spying software. Reject the temptation. If you’ve hired correctly, your team will be working just as they should, even if they happen to be at home.

High-Quality Meetings

Communication is key when you have remote teams. To begin, you’ll want to set up communication channels so that people can send messages to each other quickly and securely. You’ll also want to host regular meetings with everyone on the call; it’s important, after all, for everyone to see each other’s faces from time to time. You’ll need to ensure that these meetings are high quality rather than scrambled and inaudible. To ensure your meetings are as effective as possible, look at investing in google meeting room hardware. This will ensure that your video and audio are crystal clear, and that’ll be much better than people struggling to see and hear you.

Send Swag and Freebies

Want a fun way to make your employees feel included in the company? Be sure to send some swag and other freebies. This is important for all remote workers but especially important for those that have yet to meet other members of the team in person. It can be pretty cool to have a present arrive without expecting it. It’s an easy and enjoyable way to show them that you care. 

Get Together

Finally, look at getting together! You may work remotely, sure, but that doesn’t mean that you can never get together. There are a bunch of things you can do that will bring the team together. You could all go to a trade show, for instance, or you could just get together for a fun weekend of bonding time. This is slightly more difficult if your workers live in other parts of the world, but again, it’s not impossible. If the company is doing well, then you’d have the perfect opportunity to board a plane and visit somewhere new!


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