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8 Ways to Find Reliable Companies For Business Partnerships

Of all the business headaches you will encounter as a manager, there are few more frustrating than working with unreliable businesses in partnerships or supplier relationships. As much of the work is out of your hands when working with these companies, you feel helpless and it can significantly impact your company’s reputation and productivity. 

 But, while these headaches can cause issues, you can avoid experiencing such problems by knowing how to find reliable and trustworthy companies for your business partners. Whether you’re looking for suppliers or shipping partners, here is some advice to ensure you can always find a company perfectly suited to your needs. 

Look For Companies That Provide What You Need 

One of the best ways to ensure you identify and build a reliable partnership is by working with specialist companies that can provide precisely what you need. While some businesses offer versatile services, this also means that they are never truly experts in your industry, and the wide range of services they offer means they are not always one hundred per cent focused on you

If looking at domestic and international freight forwarding, your business will always benefit from a dedicated specialist service. You also get the benefit of these companies understanding your business more succinctly, which prevents learning curves and mistakes that could jeopardise your business. 

But Don’t Be Afraid to Look Outside Your Industry 

However, looking outside your industry could also benefit your company, especially if you’re looking for a business partnership to raise awareness about your brand. Working with local businesses that are not competition enables you to spread the word and provide a high-quality service to customers and clients that would otherwise miss out on what you can offer. 

While this approach should not apply when searching for suppliers or when you require a company that understands the industry, looking at opportunities that can help diversify your business could be financially significant. Often, this is an approach taken by local businesses, especially if they are trying to expand awareness shortly after launch. 

Ask Around and Network 

Your network is one of the most important tools for finding dependable business partnerships as someone you know could recommend a company that can help you improve your business. This approach can be much easier than cold calling businesses that may not want to hear from you or simply ignoring your call altogether. As there is an existing (if small) link between your business and the potential partner, you can overcome some of the initial road bumps or awkwardness. 

It’s always worth testing the waters even if they are not successful. By putting your name out there, you can increase awareness, so even if these companies do not want (or cannot) work with you now, they may be interested in the future.

Compare Reviews

The internet has made it easier than ever to collect a shortlist of potential opportunities and enable you to study and consider which opportunity is the right one for your needs. Researching companies that have been rated and reviewed by previous partners will highlight essential information that allows you to identify which company is right for you. 

Of course, some opportunities may not be available, but you can see desirable information that you can look for in other partners. At the very least, these reviews give you an indication of what to look for when searching for a business partnership that won’t give you a headache. 

Consider the Price 

Fair pricing is always vital in business, so it’s worth considering how much a partnership will cost if it costs anything at all. One important thing to remember is that if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is, so be wary of any company that seems to promise the world, as they’ll likely fail to deliver. 

Small businesses should be careful about spending too much on partnerships, yet they also need to have the confidence to make a decision that benefits them. Before agreeing to any proposals, look at your budget and think about what you can afford carefully before contacting promising companies. 

Research Certifications 

Certifications are vital for ensuring that the company you want to work with can provide everything they claim. To ensure you aren’t getting taken for a ride, researching the most common – and even mandatory – certification courses for businesses in your industry is crucial.

These certifications highlight what the company can do legally and proves that employees have the correct training to carry out requests safely. If any significant certifications are missing, you should not work with this company. 

Ask About Their Policies 

If you find a company that seems promising and wants to arrange an interview, you can take time during the meeting to ask about their policies to make sure it aligns with your brand values. If you run a company that emphasises sustainability, you do not want to work with a business that does not believe in following eco-friendly policies. 

The more you have in common with the business, the easier it will be to generate and maintain a successful (and respectful) working relationship. You can work together to achieve brand goals, which will boost your reputation within your industry and create a powerful combination. 

Don’t Mess Them Around 

As much as you want to ensure the partnership is respectful and reliable, your desired partner will want the same thing, too. This means you cannot mess them around during negotiations or when sharing information. 

As with any professional relationship, you must maintain an element of respect and cooperation. Without it, the entire operation falls to pieces and could impact trust, efficiency and your reputation. So, for your company’s sake, make sure you are professional in all correspondence or meetings. 

A Long-Lasting Partnership 

A long-lasting partnership enables you to get the most from the service and grow your business by staying on track with your expansion plans. If you feel like your current suppliers or shipment experts are not meeting expectations, consider this advice to help you look for and identify a company that will make you a priority and allow you to take your business to the next level. 



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