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What Do Employees Really Want in This Post-Pandemic World?

As impossible as it would be to have the “perfect” business, the fact is that we’ve got to focus on the fundamentals in order to succeed. Our employees are the people that will do everything to make our business take off into the stratosphere or send crashing into the ground, and this is why we have to remember that employees are not just there to work, but are there so we can support them and nurture them. Sometimes it can help us to remember what they really want and what the major takeaways are for leaders.

A Place Where They Feel Safe

The fact is that so many employees don’t necessarily feel safe in an environment where they are meant to work. The sheer volume of no win no fee employment lawyer services out there is testament to the fact that workplace security is something that doesn’t just involve security cameras and guards. We have to remember that employees need to feel safe in an environment so they can do their best and be themselves. 

With environments such as contact centres being rife with different forms of abuse and bullying that cause an employee to feel unsafe, we’ve got to recognise how employees can feel secure. It’s to do with the HR laws in place, but it’s also to do with the people in charge. Line managers and leaders all need to set the example. If they do not set the precedent, it’s hardly a surprise that employees won’t feel safe.


It’s something that we all would like in a post-pandemic world but is something that we should demand. When looking for a new job, many people are looking for complete flexibility, not just in the hours, but in the location. Therefore, we must provide flexible working models so we can bring the right candidates on board but also show that the people working for us are able to do their job in whatever way they choose. 

At the end of the day, as long as they do the job, what does it matter? However, so many of us are prone to more archaic and antiquated notions of working that have been in place since the Victorian era. If you are flexible, you are going to have an employee for life.

A Different Way To Be Productive

Productivity is measured based on a variety of metrics. Employees can be scared of metrics because it’s something that they will either think hinders their ability to do well in a role or they don’t understand the process due to the metrics being a major secret, only for the people in the upper echelons. 

Transparency is vital in any business and therefore if you are looking to keep employees on board, you’ve got to provide a transparent environment, because the topic of employee retention doesn’t just mean giving them certain perks, but it’s about making sure they understand their position within the company and if they are able to fulfil the role.

Employees will want to feel part of a framework, but they also need to feel supported. These are three components, but there are infinitely more. Think on!



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