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Online Sales

From Browsing To Buying: Tips To Boost Sales

Success in business depends on making sales and bringing money in. It’s not enough to have products or services that create a buzz. You have to be able to encourage prospective buyers to take the next step and place an order or make a purchase. If you’re looking to turn browsers and window shoppers into buyers, here are some top tips to boost sales

Social media promotions

Advertising on social media is a brilliant way to introduce people to your brand and encourage them to take an interest in your products and services. Create profiles and build a following by incentivizing shares. Running promotions is an excellent idea if you’re trying to attract more followers and get people talking about new products or special offers. You could host a competition or give samples away to people who share your posts with others, for example. Once you’ve chosen a winner, capitalize on new followers by promoting products and letting people see the human side of your brand. Engage with your followers, respond to comments and feedback and tease another giveaway or sale in the near future to keep your followers interested. 

Events and shows

Events and trade shows provide fantastic opportunities to display products, reach new audiences and show prospective buyers what your business offers. Look for industry-specific shows and events, such as festivals and fairs, which are relevant to your brand and your target market. If you sell pet products, for example, explore the possibility of setting up a stall at dog shows and family-friendly festivals. Focus on attracting customers and then urging them to take a brochure, try the product or place an order. You can work with exhibition stand builders to ensure your display looks incredible and sets you apart. It’s also beneficial to think about giving out samples or promotional items to encourage people to visit your stand and to rehearse pitches and presentations so that you can answer questions and provide information seamlessly. 

Effective calls to action

If you sell products online, or you have a website, it’s crucial to include effective calls to action on your home and landing pages. Make it easy for your customers to contact you via live chat, email or telephone and order products on your website or app. You can use one-click ordering, guest checkout and offer time-limited offers to push prospects through the sales funnel. Tailor the language and tone you use to suit the target buyer and issue reminders if a shopper leaves the site or abandons their cart. You could send an email, for example, with a link to buy. Incentives, such as a discount, a freebie with every purchase over a set amount, or free delivery, can also help to persuade prospective customers to buy. 

For business owners, converting browsers to buyers is critical to generate profits. If you run a company, and you’re on a mission to boost sales, consider running social media promotions, displaying and promoting products and services at events and shows and revamping web content to include targeted, effective calls to action.



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