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Brand Promotion

4 Helpful Strategies For Spreading

It can be hard for smaller businesses to get the word out about what they’re selling, and if you don’t have a large audience, it can feel like you’re screaming into the abyss. Marketing isn’t easy, and without effective marketing strategies, you’re not going to get anywhere. There are many great ways to grow and spread your brand without putting people off, but you need to find the right approach. It’s not always about marketing and taking sales no matter way, you’ll find that sometimes you need to give back and make your business more appealing first.

Reimagine your brand

First of all, you should take a moment to evaluate what you’re working with. If your brand doesn’t have a great reputation, and your logo doesn’t interest people – it could be time for you to do something about it. You’re not stuck with the same logo forever, and reimagining your business could do a lot for you. While it’s quite a big investment, it could pay off big time if you do it right.

Try taking a more fun approach if you’re running a B2C model because customers are looking for connections they can make with who they support. Your logo can be flashy and eye-catching, as long as it’s memorable. There are plenty of businesses that go beyond that with their designs, and many sought after them in the form of stickers and such. You can check out if you want to get your logo or customer stickers made to promote your business. If you design it right, customers will have an easier time picking you out of the crowd.

Give back to your audience

As mentioned before, it’s not all about your gains, sometimes you’re going to have to lose out on profit in favor of your customers. You’ll have a much better time appealing to customers if they feel like they have something to gain from supporting you.

If you have a social media account for your business, you can use it for great things, one of them being giveaways or contests. Running a contest gives your customers a chance to gain something from you without doing much at all. Many businesses offer a giveaway item to customers who share their page with their followers, thus growing huge amounts of brand awareness if done right.

You could also start your own loyalty programs to encourage customers to return to your business, as well as encourage those they know to visit. Loyalty programs are a great way to guarantee more sales, without having to give out too much in return. You’re giving customers an incentive to return a specified number of times so that they can get a free product once they’re done. 

Loyalty systems can be done in multiple ways, some businesses allow customers to earn points based on their spending, and then those points can be used as credit for later use when returning, and others have loyalty cards. These cards are stamped after each purchase, and it’s an easy way for customers to track and see how much they’re really saving.


You’re not alone as a business, and there are many other businesses or influential figures out there that can enter a mutually beneficial relationship with you. Sponsorships have been very common through the years, and they’re often a great way for businesses to grow their brand awareness. Paying an influential figure to either promote your brand based on how they feel about it or, some businesses prefer the influencer to read from a strict script. It will depend on the individual and how much money you’re willing to put into it.

Financial compensation isn’t the only way for businesses to collaborate with an influencer. Sometimes the business will offer free products in return for positive reviews or mentions to their followers. You may find that as your business grows, you are approached by influencers for this kind of transaction, and it can be very beneficial for you if you find the right people for it. It’s not always worth giving away free products if a collaboration won’t net you any sales.

Social media interaction

Not all social media usage for your business has to be about marketing, and just using social media can be enough to grow awareness for your brand. You should try putting someone your audience would find relatable in charge of your social media, and it can really help to grow your business. Many businesses use this tactic, and it helps to give a faceless business a more relatable persona.


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