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The 4 Most Effective Commercial Theft Deterrents Your Business Needs

Companies face challenges on a regular basis, inside and out. From challenges like scaling and upgrading to dealing with internal conflicts, the fact is that every company can benefit from a bible of resources to ensure it runs effectively. This is especially true in the case of commercial theft. Theft can be burglary, but it can also be fraud from the inside. Let’s show you a number of key components that can help you protect your company from commercial threats like theft.

Security Systems 

The most obvious place to begin is security cameras and security companies. But you’ve got to bear in mind that there are a number of factors that can hinder the efficacy of your security system. Poor quality cameras and a lack of budget, where you can only afford limited security guards, can greatly hinder your business. There are other ways to improve your security, such as K9 security services, like a patrol dog. The important thing to remember when it comes to that overall sense of security is you need to discourage criminals from ever trespassing onto your property. 

Limited Access

Companies like the notion of transparency where every employee is treated equally. The problem with transparency is that we have to be trusting, almost too trusting, of our employees. Having limited access to high-risk areas is an effective practice that can help. Only a certain level of employees should have access to the most sensitive aspects of your company. If an employee leaves the business, this should be your cue to change passcodes, security cards, and locks. Any employee that leaves for reasons beyond their control could very well want to take revenge on your firm, which is why limiting access is so important.

Online Security

Many organisations place online security front and centre, and for very good reason. Your digital assets are arguably more important than your physical ones. The number of data breaches appears to increase with every passing year. Having online security in the form of a managed IT services company means that you can outsource your security to a company that has a far better understanding of how online theft occurs. Many leaders don’t necessarily place a huge amount of weight on what a data breach can do to a business. It can completely devastate their company and put it out of action, almost indefinitely. There are some effective online security best practices that anybody can start right now, such as backing up their data and installing a firewall.

Repeating the Lessons

Employees need to understand that they are the best protection against commercial theft. An individual that understands the signs of an attempted break-in or someone potentially looking to commit fraud from within is going to promote a better and more effective way of dealing with the problem. Employees can escalate the issue to their line manager with the right protocols ensuring the problem can be dealt with before it escalates into something worse. The employee is the best deterrent of all.


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