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Office Floods

What Should You Do If Your Office Space Gets Flooded?

It is worrying that a little over five million UK properties have flooding issues. And this is something you would want to avoid as a business owner. Unfortunately, this is a reality people have had to face while taking precautionary measures to protect lives and property. This may be due to circumstances outside of their control. If you ever find yourself in such situations, below are some tips on what to do.

Shut down electricity and gas mains

Water is a good conductor of electricity, which makes it important to immediately shut the mains for the building in cases of flooding. Some office buildings have their electrical mains fixed deep within the building where flooding may have occurred, making them impossible to access. In this case, it would be advisable to contact the local service provider to shut down the power from the source.

Apart from electricity, it is also advisable to shut down the gas mains. As expected, this is done as a preventive measure against explosions in the event of a flood. This is caused by pressure build-up in defective gas pipelines. Therefore, turning the mains off can reduce the risk of leaks or an explosion.

Contact professional help to determine the cause of flooding

Flooding anywhere is cause for concern because it raises questions about building design and structural engineering. However, this is only one aspect of the issue. A burst pipeline in the office can equally cause extensive flooding, and it will have nothing to do with natural causes. Finding the root cause is an opportunity to prevent a future recurrence.

For instance, if flooding occurred due to sewage backtracking, you may have a gravity problem relating to the positioning of underground pipes. It will be good to consider other options. A professional may suggest using packaged pump systems to resolve the problem.

Secure the property for repairs

If flooding is extensive, the business might have to halt for days or weeks. It is procedural, especially when a restoration company has been contacted. If work can continue from a temporary location, that can be a safe option to explore. Otherwise, your workers may have to work remotely. Even that will depend on the type of business you run. Securing your property can also help prevent theft if the restoration company has not yet begun work. 

Maintaining limited access to the property is a step many businesses take seriously, especially when there are valuables. Some may opt for an external storage facility to temporarily keep office valuables. Keeping these items in a climate-controlled storage facility is best until the building is restored and operations can recommence.

Document the damage for insurance purposes

It’s always been said that insurance companies are only out to protect their interests. Therefore, as a business entity facing damages from flooding, it is best to have evidence. Pictures and videos of water damage are necessary for making claims. Apart from these, it would help to also take inventory of your losses.

Any documentation related to the flooding would be vital. Thanks to technology, some insurance companies have apps that make it easy to upload images and videos. It is advisable to do this as quickly as possible because timing matters in these situations.



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