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The Best Ways To Ship Your Customer’s Holiday Gifts 

Shipping your customer’s holiday gifts will soon be a priority. Gifts such as these are hugely important to each of your customers. Your customers want to have their holiday gifts with them soon and without having sustained damage. 

Let’s take a look a the best holiday shipping box ideas around. 

Get Your Supplies Together 

One of the first things you need to do is to get your supplies together. You can offer the fastest and best shipping service around but if you have no supplies you cannot deliver. 

Be sure to order much more packaging material than you think you need. Chances are you’ll use most of it. When you have your supplies together then you can think about shipping. 

Ship Holiday Gifts Quickly 

None of your customers want to be kept waiting. Therefore, shipping their purchases quickly is vital.

You could, for example:

  • Ship at the weekend
  • Ship in the evenings
  • Offer faster shipping options for a higher price 
  • Keep customers up to date with the progress of their purchases
  • Offer signed-for delivery if they have purchased something of value 

The quicker you can ship everything the happier your customers will be. 

Use A Range Of Shipping Services 

Using a range of shipping services can help more than you think. 

Offer customers the chance to choose between services. 

Alternatively, offer local and national services that you trust. 

Consider asking a shipping service to pick up packages from your warehouse. 

Use Protective Packaging 

One of the best things you can do while shipping fragile purchases is to use protective packaging. Not only will it help to keep purchases in one piece it will show your customers that you care. 

Taking time and effort to package fragile items carefully will be appreciated. Add a few layers of bubble wrap if you can. Bubble wrap can help to keep almost everything safe and in one piece. 

Wrap fragile items individually and place them in a box together. Ensure there is no way for them to bash up against each other. Do what you can to package everything in such a way that it has no chance of becoming damaged. 

Have A Dedicated Shipping Team 

As soon as the holidays start to creep up on us things may get busier. Have a dedicated shipping team ready and waiting. When you do:

  • They will only have to think about shipping everything 
  • Items are more likely to be packed well as the packers only have one job to do 
  • It’s likely that everything will be shipped sooner 
  • The shipping team can update you if there are any issues such as a lack of packaging materials

Having a dedicated shaping team can make a huge difference at the busiest time of the year. It can also help you to ship everything sooner. 

Use the above tips to help you to ship your customer’s holiday gifts. The better your shipping process the happier everyone will be. 


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