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Signs You’re In An Interview With The Right Candidate

Interviewing for your business isn’t a process you can rush through. It’s a serious matter that involves taking your company to the next level, and bringing in new talent that can push it there. As such, you can make costly mistakes here if you don’t take your time! 

But what does a good candidate do when they walk into the interview room? Well a lot of it is gut instinct, but you’ve also got to look into the details. Who are they? What can they do? And what’s your impression of them? Here’s how to use these elements to put together the big picture. 

They’ve Made a Good First Impression

A good first impression is made up of many things. Mainly, how is the candidate dressed, do they seem like they’re in the right place, do they actively listen, etc. A lot of people place emphasis on body language, but you can never be sure how this comes across. Instead, focus on what they’re saying and how they respond to you. You can always rely on the spoken word.

Their Resume is Very Impressive

And when we say very, we don’t just mean it’s formatted right with filled out sections. Rather that it’s clearly a resume of someone who knows what they’re doing and has the experience to back this up. For example, if you’re hiring for a construction company, the completion of a CITB SSSTS Training Courses noted on the resume would be the cherry on top within the interview. If your candidate has some sought after knowledge written down, you should push them towards the top of the pile. 

It’s Not Hard to Talk to Them

If the candidate is monosyllabic in their responses, takes a while to answer (although not necessarily a bad thing), and it seems like they’re not being honest, they could be a bad candidate. 

But if they’re open and clear and honest in what they say, it could be a sign they’re the right fit for you. Does the conversation naturally flow? Do you feel like you could chat to this person for a while about the sector you’re working in? These are both great social elements to rely upon here.

They’ve a Clear Passion for the Future

The future of your company is what you’re hiring for in the first place. So when a candidate comes in and shows clear passion for where your company could go, it’s a very good sign! It’s even better if they’ve got some ideas to share with you; if they’ve already formulated a plan in their head, they understand your business at the base level. 

And while it can be presumptuous to propose changes before they’re even hired, you need to see the good place these ideas are coming from. Take this into account during your selection process. 

Interviewing the right candidate won’t happen straight away. Take your time, and keep points like this in mind to really find the right person.


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