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Save Money – WFH

How Can Working From Home Save You Money? 

If you work from home or you’re considering it, you probably already know that this kind of setup will help your employer save money. If you’re the owner of the company, your own business will save money. That’s mainly due to not having to pay for any kind of business premises. 

Yet did you realise that working from home can actually save you money personally? Read on to find out how, so you can maximise your savings in every way possible. 

More Productivity 

If you work from home, you might have to spend some money on setting up a productive working area, complete with a check bookcase with doors, a desk, a laptop, and so on. These are one-off costs, however, and you might even find they pay dividends. 

That’s because the more comfortable your office is, the more productive you’ll be. Although technically, this isn’t saving money, it could make you more money, which results in the same thing – you’ll have more to spend or save. If you’re a productive worker, your boss will see you as promotion material or perhaps agree to give you a raise. You might earn a bonus. And all this comes from having a comfortable place to work, as opposed to a generic office somewhere you don’t like. 

 No Commuting 

One of the biggest costs to workers is how much money they have to spend even before they make it to the office. Whether you drive or take public transport – and to some extent, if you ride a bike, as these aren’t free – you’ll have to pay. Cars are the most expensive item because you have to pay for the vehicle itself as well as its maintenance and fuel. Buses and trains can certainly add up to a lot, however. 

When you work from home, there is no commute. Therefore, you’re saving a huge amount of money. You might still own a car, but if you’re using it less, you’ll need to put less petrol in it and maintenance won’t be needed so often. As for public transport, the cost will be eliminated. This means that whereas the first hour or so of work might be done solely to pay for your journey there, when you’re working from home, you’re earning money for yourself immediately. 


If you work at an office, you might bring your own lunch to work with you. That’s good – it saves you money. However, there is just as much chance of you going to a café, restaurant, or fast-food outlet at lunch, and that’s not so good. It’s potentially bad for your health, but as well as this, it costs you money every day. Even if you only grab a coffee on your way into the office and bring a packed lunch with you, think of how much money you could save if you didn’t buy that coffee and had one at home instead. 

As a side benefit of this, you might sometimes be tempted to skip lunch when you’re at the office. Whether it’s a financial issue or because you need to finish your work before the train home, the fact is skipping lunch is bad for your health. At home, you’re more likely to take the break you need to eat because you’ll generally be more at ease and relaxed, and you won’t have that train to worry about.


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