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Sustainable Working

Creating A Sustainable Working Culture: The Tips To Know

The tone and feeling of your working culture is something you should never forget about. It’s how you interest people in coming to work for your company, and it ensures everyone benefits from the work you do. Which is why a sustainable culture is the best kind you can craft. However, while building a sustainable business is one thing, creating a long-term sustainable culture can be difficult. 

After all, it’s something you decide to commit to every day. When you’re in business, that can be something you have little time/resources for. But if you focus on the way your office moves and how you can make it greener, you’ll soon be working in the eco-conscious atmosphere you’ve always dreamed of. 

Look into Your Power Consumption

The amount of power the average small business uses is huge, especially relative to your budget. So the first thing to do is think about the way you use power and how you can change this. If you put the lights on first thing when you walk in, maybe it’d be best to leave them off until you need them? Opening the blinds and letting sunlight in is free! 

Similarly, getting your own power sources installed (such as solar panels) could be a great way to bridge the gap between the power you use and what you pay. If you can drum up at least half of your total yearly need yourself, that’s half the cost gone. Use of green technology like this is the best way to maintain an eco-conscious mindset. 

Consider Better Ways to Commute

Commuting is something most of us have to do to work. However, the need to commute is one of the biggest transport polluters in the world (alongside taking private jets everywhere). So when it comes to encouraging environmental and community spirit in your company culture, suggest different ways to commute and lead the pack yourself. 

If you want your employees to carpool, be the first to offer them a ride. If you suggest more bus rides, get on yourself at least two times a week. The more you do, the more your team will follow, and that’s good for your company’s carbon footprint. 

Think About Your Property Space

If you’re sitting on a nice bit of land alongside the building you work in, why not turn it into a thriving green space? Not only will this be nice to look at (and motivating for your employees), but it’ll also be a great way to give back to the environment as a business. 

If you want to get involved in something like this, talk to an environmental consulting firm in your area. They’ll know the lay of the land the best, and have in-depth reports you can benefit from. Even if you just want to plant a few trees, get a bit of advice first. 

A sustainable working culture is all about examples. Be visual with what you do and then reap the rewards!


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