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Don’t Lose Your Customers’ Trust To IT Glitches 

Don’t Lose Your Customers’ Trust to IT Glitches 

When starting up a business, most entrepreneurs give IT little consideration beyond having the basic infrastructure in place. However, IT needs to be a key aspect of any business plan: major brand failures in 2012 have demonstrated the critical dependence…

The Thinking, Feeling and Knowing Entrepreneur 

Are you the master of your mind? I have been very privileged as a business coach to have worked right across the spectrum of business leadership, ranging from CEOs of major corporate businesses to entrepreneurs in start-ups. As you would…

Houston, We Have A Problem…

Houston, we have a problem…

There is no such thing as an un-crackable password. In 1995, the US Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) reported that approximately 80 percent of the security incidents they received were related to poorly chosen passwords. Seventeen years later and little has…

Export Training: What You Need To Know 

Export Training: What You Need to Know 

Import and Export training is now more important than ever for many companies, as we all become exposed to new opportunities from overseas. This is especially important for start-up businesses and entrepreneurs looking to take advantage of global market opportunities.…

How To Structure A Marketing Budget

How to Structure a Marketing Budget

Whether you’re spending £100 or £1m, I firmly believe that having some structure to where you put each penny will help you to: • Make sensible decisions about where to spend your money • Track whether your spend is worth…

Insurance Advice 

Insurance Advice 

For a start-up business, keeping a tight control of costs is crucial. Taking out the right insurance cover is vital in order to be able to trade, but it is essential to seek independent advice from a reliable insurance expert…

An Interview With Dr Andy Khawaja

An Interview with Dr Andy Khawaja

[An interview with Dr Andy Khawaja. We speak to the charismatic, self-made billionaire Dr Andy Khawaja, as he explains how he founded one of the most successful payment solutions provider in the world Allied Wallet. [media url="" width="680" height="400"]

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