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Seeking Finance? Get Creative!

Seeking Finance? Get creative!

The current government is convinced that starting up a business during the end of an economic recession is one of the best times to start a new business and help boost the economy. And in some ways, they are absolutely…

Changes By HMRC That Could Impact On Your SME

Changes by HMRC that could impact on your SME

As an owner of a small business or startup, you'll appreciate the significant red tape and bureaucracy involved in running a business. Essential rigmarole, that you'll need to be up to speed with. Fail to be and there's the prospect…

The Law – What You Need To Know…

The Law – What you need to know…

Denise Nurse, a director of Halebury, said many start-up businesses fail to seek legal guidance because they believe it's too expensive, a waste of time and difficult to understand. She added that too many entrepreneurs believe they are able to…

Micro Businesses Are Rocking The UK Economy

Micro businesses are rocking the UK economy

Micro businesses, those that employ between 0 and 9, account for around 93% of all businesses in the UK and generate nearly 19% of the total UK economy; so why do only 6% of micro business owners feel they are…



In the traditional world of marketing, companies succeeded by 'shouting' their message very loudly. Whether this 'shouting' was delivered via advertising on tv and radio, on billboards and in newspapers, or via direct channels such as direct mail or cold…



The National Business Awards has today revealed a white paper study that demonstrates the importance of strong leadership to British businesses. The research shows that both bosses and employees appreciate good leadership with over 90% of those surveyed saying that…

British Business Owners Too Stressed To Enjoy Their Holidays

British Business Owners too Stressed to Enjoy their Holidays

By Claire Lewis, Marketing Director, Fasthosts Internet Ltd, Few would doubt that small business owners today are working harder than ever before, hence their taking a holiday is well deserved and essential to recharge the batteries. However, this Summer will…

Don’t Lose Your Customers’ Trust To IT Glitches 

Don’t Lose Your Customers’ Trust to IT Glitches 

When starting up a business, most entrepreneurs give IT little consideration beyond having the basic infrastructure in place. However, IT needs to be a key aspect of any business plan: major brand failures in 2012 have demonstrated the critical dependence…

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