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GDPR & Data Protection

GDPR & Data Protection

Has GDPR made marketers more data conscious? The introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018 has undoubtedly disrupted inbound and digital marketing strategies. From adding compliance overhead to the soaring cost of inbound campaigns and fear…

Internet Speed

Internet speed

Five easy ways your business can improve its internet speed When you’re in the flow of your work, there is nothing worse than a troublesome internet connection slowing you down. Network speeds can massively affect a business’ productivity, so to…

‘Real World’ Cyber Attack

‘Real World’ Cyber Attack

Hiscox stages ‘real world’ cyber attack on iconic bike manufacturer Brompton Insurer targets high-profile bike manufacturer’s retailer network with a staged ‘offline’ cyber attack simulation, to raise awareness of cyber crime and how it feels to be hacked Imitation store…

Pros & Cons Of Using Chatbots For Customer Service

Pros & Cons of Using Chatbots for Customer Service

Every wise entrepreneur will investigate an opportunity to cut costs while improving service. The Holy Grail of business endeavors, key technological advances, are making this possible to achieve more frequently. Chatbots are one such development. But, is incorporating chatbots right…

Video Games, Executives, Brainstorming And Introversion

Video Games, Executives, Brainstorming and Introversion

Hot on the heels of New Year celebrations, World Introvert Day celebrates the 50% of people who get their energy from their inner world of thoughts and feelings or quiet reflection rather than by being around large groups. Understanding the…

Tech Predictions For 2019:

Tech Predictions for 2019:

What can business look forward to? By Damon Anderson, director of partner and product at Xero 2019 is the year of the original Bladerunner; the setting for the Ridley Scott movie in which Harrison Ford pursues renegade androids, drives flying…

Realise Your Online Potential

Realise Your Online Potential

Starting your business from scratch is not easy. You will go through tons of challenges before you can succeed in achieving your goals. You might have spent everything that you had to make this business a reality. You fear that…



Why More Businesses Are Choosing LED Laser Printers LED laser printers have given laser printing technology an upgrade. OKI printers were the first to use LED lights in their machines in 1989, and in 2012 introduced white printer toner to…

Impact Of SEO On Your Business

Impact of SEO on your business

All the marketers know the harsh truth about marketing: the budget will always be too low for your campaign. In almost all enterprises, the marketing budget is the first to get a cut. As consumers spend more time online, cutting…

Cloud Recovery

Cloud Recovery

Overcoming the top challenges of back up and recovery to the cloud By Sam Woodcock, EMEA Director of Solutions Architecture, iland Disaster recovery and back up in the cloud have changed almost beyond recognition since iland started offering services 11…

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