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5 Ways Entertainment Businesses Benefit From RFID

5 Ways Entertainment Businesses Benefit from RFID

Entertainment businesses face a range of management challenges, including those that affect their operational efficiency, security, and the customer experience. As with many industries, today’s solutions are often technology-based and one of the most useful technologies to emerge in the…

The Rise Of The Machines

The rise of the machines

2 in 3 Brits are worried about machines taking jobs away from people  61% of people in UK believe machines taking away jobs will cause an economic crisis 65% believe there should be rules to prevent companies replacing staff with…

GDPR – What Happens Next?

GDPR – What happens next?

Over the last couple of years many business owners have been nervously anticipating the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Now it’s been put in place, what next? What happens to the business landscape for big and small…

Business On Mobile

Business on Mobile

How End-to-End Marketing is Changing the Way We do Business End-to-end is a new term that's being used in connection with many areas of business. It refers to processes defined in terms of a starting and ending point, whether that…

GDPR Is Just Around The Corner…

GDPR is just around the corner…

Will your cloud services be compliant? There are fewer than 60 days before the GDPR compliance deadline. By Friday 25 May 2018 organisations must be able to demonstrate that they are compliant or show evidence that they are working towards…

Keep Your Bottom Line Secure

Keep Your Bottom Line Secure

5 Important Reasons to Install a Security System at Your Business Letting an intruder inside your company premises can have dire consequences on your bottom line, your work, and the security of your personnel. A security system will not only…

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