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Using Events to Promote Business Growth: Getting the Basics Right

There are three primary aspects of a business. They are production, marketing, and sales. Now, everything from customer and demand identification to finance management and networking is just as important and sometimes even more so, but these are the three core aspects of business in general, with varying interpretations.

An event can be an excellent marketing tool, especially if your business is relatively new in the field or if you are planning to expand it beyond its current size and reach. The problem is that even though you might be a suave entrepreneur with experience and impressive success rates unless you know how to actually manage and direct a marketing event for your corporate venture, it can prove to be a very, very difficult task. Go through the following as we discuss the basics of ensuring the event’s grand success, even before you start out on the planning.

Hire the Experts You Definitely Need

Hypothetically, let’s assume that Warren Buffet has been given the task of developing a new game for a popular game development studio, would he be able to do it on his own? The man can probably buy and sell the software development company many times over and turn a profit larger than their initial net worth in all likelihood, but he can’t possibly code a new game all on his own when he still uses a feature phone from 2010!

The absurdity of the example above is meant to convey what will happen if you try to arrange a very important corporate event with huge marketing potential all on your own, without seeking help from the professional event planners who have the connections and the experience to give shape to your visions.

If you are hosting an event, contact iDEKO Productions and they will make sure that all the gaps in your knowledge of event production and your vision are filled by them. iDEKO is an award-winning event management and production agency who offer their services through the country, so your event will be in safe hands.

If you want them to play a passive role, they will simply take care of the permits and finding/booking your venue for you, but they can do a lot more if you let them. In fact, the event productions company specializes in sponsorships and activation platforms, so they might be just the ideal partners for planning and promoting your marketing event.

Pick the Right Date

The importance of the date should not be overstated. Depending on which date you choose, the attendance percentage will vary widely, and key guests might even have to skip the party because of the date.

So, how should an entrepreneur avoid choosing the wrong date for the event? The answer to this question is not simple by any means. It will vary depending on who the key guests are, what kind of a party or event you are planning, the personalities of the key guests and, lastly but most importantly, the weather.

We may not be able to control the weather yet, but weather stations have gotten pretty good at predicting it. Take the weather forecast into consideration because a beautiful evening event on a summer day in one of NYC’s many park venues would be a disaster if it started raining!

Try to pick holidays or weekends, although the cost will be higher and the good venues will likely need to be booked well in advance for that. Perhaps the best way to ensure that at least the key guests do not miss your event would be to personally call them up or ask them during a previous meeting whether they are available to attend the event you have planned.

As this event is a marketing tool, don’t be shy to shift dates around and accommodate maximum attendance, if you must. Don’t start sending out invitations unless you have ensured at least a decent chance of most guests being present during the event.

Promoting the Event

The more people know about it the better, so you need to promote it as best as you can. Social media is an affordable and highly successful way to do it. However, to truly promote the event, you will need to seek the help of event promotion and production teams like we already mentioned. It’s a professional job and without experience in event promotions, there’s only so much you can do on your own. Nevertheless, the following few are mandatory steps on your part.

  • Invest in a social media marketing campaign for your event, especially on Facebook
  • Prepare a guest list with careful consideration and send out email invitations
  • Contrary to popular belief, the newspaper is still read and corporate event promotions in them still work

There is much more to planning a marketing event and ensuring its success, but as long as you follow tip number one, your event management partner will guide you through the rest.


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