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Successful Recruitment

What You Need For A Successful Recruitment Process

When you’re heading up a business, you are in charge of recruiting people to work for you. Sure, you can pass this over to an external HR rep who can do it all for you, but sometimes, you want to be hands-on so that you can see who you’re hiring and know whether they will be a good fit for the company. 

Finding the eight people isn’t always easy. Depending on the type of business you are running, you need individuals with specific skill sets and attitudes to fit into your business. You need to know that they are not going to share your company secrets, that they’re going to be able to contribute properly – you need this if you want this business to go well. The best thing to do is get your business hiring strategy right, even if it does mean you hire an external company to help with business meth drug testing. You need a strategy to get your recruitment right, and below, we’ve put together some of the things that you need for a successful recruitment process.

  • Improve The Ways You Select Candidates

Are you going to choose candidates that reply to an online advert, or is the walk-in going to impress you more? Of course, people who take the time to pop into the business with a CV or call you on the phone should get a look as a first priority. Why? Well, they’ve gone above and beyond to get in contact with you. They haven’t blindly applied for a job they might get. They took the time to do more than other people did, and this is a big deal. Those who pop in are often more interested in the company itself, and have taken the time to do their research. You need to improve how you select candidates, so go beyond the online advert and reach out to existing candidate pools, university placement officers and even LinkedIn. Headhunting people can often work better than waiting for the perfect walk-in candidate, too.

  • Hire Someone Who Knows What They’re Doing

There is a time and place for trainees, but often the best employees are those who have seen this walk and walked it themselves. People do better when they are working in a role that they have done before. The role on a resume that matches the exact one that you are recruiting for is going to catch your eye. You know that this person won’t need as much training – they can hit the ground running. Of course, you must ensure that their background checks out properly, but that’s the stage that comes later!

  • Ask Your Existing Team

Often, the best candidates come from friends of those you’ve already hired. People socialise in the same circles outside the office a lot of the time. IT specialists often know someone who would be perfect for an IT job, so ask your people. You hired these guys because you trusted them, so trust their opinion now.

  • Bump Up Your Reputation

No one wants to work for someone who is known to be an awful employer in the industry. Word gets around and people talk – you need to make sure that they’re talking positively about you. You want to build a good reputation and brand, and you can only do that when you have people saying good things about you. You cannot have a successful recruitment process if you’re not spoken highly of – so make sure you are!



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