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Protect Your Business

Plain and simple ways to Burglar-Proof Your Business

One of the best achievements that you can have as an entrepreneur is starting and running your business. On the other hand, the last thing you want is to fall prey to burglary. But with the already high numbers of burglaries occurring every year, how do you protect your business?

According to FBI reports, burglaries in the US result in losses of more than $3.4 billion every year. Burglars find businesses to be more tempting than homes. Out of every burglary that occurs every day, law officials make one out of six arrests. In the face of these facts, what steps can you take to fortify and protect your business from potential burglary?

Surround your business with a Tall Fence

Although it may not be a new suggestion, installing a fence is a useful tactic that can help you keep burglars away from your business. Get a post driver for sale and use it to install a tall fence to prevent burglars from climbing. Your fence should also be strong enough that they cannot break.

Moreover, the gate as well should be sturdy enough. A good idea would be installing one that has a self-locking mechanism. Avoid gates that leave room for unlatching from the outside.

Invest in an Alarm System

According to research by the University of Carolina conducted on men and women convicted of burglary, about 60 percent said they would first check for an alarm system before executing their robbery.

Having an alarm system is an effective way to prevent a break-in. Alarms are versatile, and you can place them around the perimeter of your property or install them to protect the inside of your building. You can also set up object-specific alarms in select areas to cover items such as safes.

When an alarm goes off, security personnel can be alerted of a trespasser and react according to the situation.

Install Plenty of Lighting

Having adequate lighting, both indoors and outdoors, is an effective way to safeguard your business. Install floodlights at every entrance point and select hidden areas around the compound. When your office compound is well lit, even the most motivated burglars will think twice about stepping into your grounds.

Invest in lights that are durable and reliable. Also, consider purchasing a protective covering for the bulbs to protect them from any attempt of malicious breakage.

Upgrade your Windows

The door is not the only way burglars can use to break into your office. Your windows are a vulnerable point that is easy to take advantage of. Rather than using the traditional glass on your windows, install tempered glass.

They are much more challenging to break and attract attention by causing a lot of noise when a burglar tries to break.

Secure your Valuables

Avoid placing expensive items and valuables that are easy to grab in the open. Invest in a safe or locking mechanism that you can use to store them when not in use. Similarly, keep your items in the order of their importance. Avoid mixing critical personal documents with regular documents. Also, always ensure you leave the office when your safe is securely closed.

Summing up

Do not become a sitting duck to the dangers around you. Take measures that will help keep thieves at bay and protect your business assets. With technology becoming more affordable, you do not have to spend much to increase security at the worksite.

Using the right combination of security measures, you can be sure that your business valuables are safe throughout the day and night.



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