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Turning Your Blog Into A Business

Blogging can be a hobby, a passion and it can even be someone’s job where they earn an income. When thinking about taking your blog from passion to hobby means there some things you need to start focusing on to be successful. Once your blog is performing well, you can then start looking at earning some money from this platform you have created. Keep your personality a part of your writing though as that is what attracted your audience in the first place. So try to implement these handy things into your blogging tasks alongside what you normally do. 

Domain Authority 

First, you will need to start thinking about how your rank on Google searches. One of the ways you can do this is by keeping track of your DA score (domain authority). This is how you rank in Google searches so when people search for something it is about how well you rank. This score can determine taking your blog to a level where you get income. A higher DA score means people will want to work with you and pay more depending on what score you have. There are a few things that contribute to the score but as with most things, it changes a lot. The basics are how long the website has been an active site, the consistency in your activity on the page as well as external links that connect to your page from other sites.

Google Core Web Vitals

This is a ranking system that Google introduced to the world in 2020. This means that Google core web vitals would become a ranking factor in their SERPS (Search engine results page). The core web vitals which are new are specifically designed to measure the user experience on your site. So this is a focus on the load time, speed, and visual stability. A few ways you can look to improve this is by focusing on optimizing your images, setup page caching and using a content delivery network. There are a lot more things you can do to help this so do your research.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization or SEO is something you have probably heard quite a bit. Search engine optimization is the process of improving the quantity and quality of website traffic to your site from search engines. So this focuses solely on search engine traffic and not paid or direct traffic. There are some things that would need to be included in each blog article that you write for the search engine optimization to be good quality. This includes internal and external links, making sure the article is a minimum of 300 words, and including an image. There are things you can use to help you determine what search engine optimization score each blog post has and how good it is. If you use WordPress for example there is a plugin called Yoast. Yoast has a traffic light system where it ranks each blog post although you do need the premium plan to be able to use this. However, it does give a lot of helpful tips to improve your SEO score.

Those 3 things are things you will need to think about and start working on which is more focused on performance but there are other things you can do which can help improve your blog as a whole. One that people normally forget is the images they use, they are what attract people to reading the page and if you have bad quality and unrelated images it can deter people from reading what you’ve written. If you are unable to take a good quality image by yourself for a piece you have written you can look to use royalty-free images. These images are free to use as long as you credit the original owner of the image. 

Another and the very important thing is to remain consistent with posting. Not being consistent can hurt your scores and make your audience become bored of waiting for new content from you, so, if you have a day or certain amount of times you post each week they will know what to expect. It will keep your content fresh, give your audience new things to read and engage with all the time as well as improving all the scores mentioned above, added professionals from SEO Agency Millenio.

So there are a few things you can start implementing into the blogging tasks that can help you go to the next level and start looking to turn your passion into a career. 



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