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Business Survivors

Coronavirus Can’t Catch These Unexpected Business Survivors

With over 100,000 companies shutting their doors of late, it’s fair to say that these are challenging times for anyone looking to dip their toe in a new industry. Worse, many options are off the cards altogether, with the travel, hospitality, and entertainment industries facing increasingly uncertain futures. 

Luckily, some industries, such as e-commerce, remote software, and even hand sanitizer, are very much rising out of those business ashes. Unluckily, an astounding 47% growth in startups this past year (yes really!), many of which are in those industries, means that even these go-to’s are saturated right now.

So, what industry can you realistically break into as we move further into the uncertain waters of 2021? The answer might just surprise you, and it comes in the form of these three largely forgotten flourishing business flowers.

1 – Cryptocurrency

Since the dizzying heights of 2017/2018, cryptocurrency madness has largely slipped under the radar. Until the pandemic, that is, when an initial price drop back in March made way to crypto market values that top even the price of Bitcoin in its prime. 

Unfortunately, this trend, largely fuelled by the focus of online purchases and cashless societies, has gone unnoticed because big-time investors aren’t sure whether it’ll last. Still, anyone with a head for finance could benefit, either through upfront investment or mining. If the latter, you will need to have the financial backing with which to buy the right machines. If you have that security, maybe this model is what you’re looking for, but if not, even investing could be more than worth your while. Who knows; you could soon start earning from all those hours you’re spending online!

2 – Crafting

It’s obvious that the crafts and hobbies industry would grow this year. We need to keep busy, after all, and home-based crafts have been an anxiety-easing focus for many during this time. So much so that big-players like Hobbycraft are boasting as much as a 200% increase in sales. 

That makes this a strong contender for one the best startup platforms of the age. Unfortunately, crafting as a business has always been overlooked, with very few companies seeming to reach the big-time. But, now may just be the time for more entrepreneurs to try, especially considering that creating a crafting business at home using sites like Etsy couldn’t be easier! 

3 – Cookery

It’s no surprise that the restaurant industry has taken some of the worst hits of the pandemic, with losses that add up to nearly $120bn. That said, the food sector’s counterpart, cookery is on fire right now. Specifically, home-based cookery efforts have seen more people than ever learning key skills like bread making, as well as attempting to recreate their favorite restaurant meals. As such, any entrepreneur with cookery know-how could do well, with existing success stories including recipe subscription boxes, online classes, and more. 

Is any industry a sure bet right now? Perhaps not, but these unexpected survivors of 2020 certainly don’t look like they’re at risk anytime soon!



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