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Maintaining the Connection!

Keeping Remote Employees Engaged

Running a remote business in the current climate isn’t easy. And as we learn to roll with the punches we’ve got to figure out the importance of engagement. This is the key to a solid and productive workforce. But for all the benefits that remote working yields, there can be a lot of concerns, especially from the perspective of the leader. But the solution is simple, keeping your remote employees connected. But what are the best ways to do this?

Infrequently in Person

It’s easy enough to book meeting rooms, but it can be a simple thing to make sure that your employees don’t feel left behind. When you start to incorporate regular face-to-face meetings, either in person or via virtual tools, you are making the art of connection a priority. The thing is, when you are sending emails back and forth, it can be so easy to misconstrue and misinterpret messages. Video conferencing tools make video calls than actual phone calls and emails.

The Importance of Scheduling

Regularity is key to keeping employees engaged and motivated. When you are working remotely, you can feel like you are out in the elements by yourself. This is where scheduling more video meetings and calls is crucial. But the important thing is to not over schedule. You have to incorporate regular check-ins. This is a proven method for keeping employees engaged, but get the balance right. When it comes to scheduling chats, it shouldn’t just be business-oriented, it should be about making sure that they are ok, especially after business has been handled.

Increasing Participation

Remote employees may find they are able to complete their duties in a fraction of the time, others may find it takes longer. But the most important thing you can do is to increase participation to engage remote employees. Using regular keep-in-touch sessions can make sure that they are able to keep afloat with regards to their workloads. But when you start to make remote onboarding activities more memorable, but also give your remote employees more tangible responsibilities rather than duties, this will motivate them in other ways. Ultimately, incorporating participation and collaboration will benefit your business in the long run.

Showing Appreciation

Some people do not get on board with the idea of remote working. If you want to keep your employees connected to the business, you’ve got to show them you appreciate their efforts. And this can mean using various recreational activities. You might think that it is difficult to incorporate this because people are working remotely, but as everybody has made the most of remote working over the last year, there are so many things that you can incorporate. The great thing about working remotely is that now we’ve utilized many of the lessons and being able to provide a good mix of the virtual and the reality. When it comes to showing appreciation, it may seem better face-to-face, but that’s not to say you shouldn’t do it in a remote setting. Appreciation is so crucial to well-being, morale, and motivation, whatever the setting. 



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