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How To Ensure Your Food Business Survives 2021

Most businesses have been through a rough time in the last twelve months, and things look like they’ll continue to be a bit shaky for the rest of the year. While there are hints that normality may resume in some parts of the world, it’s hard to fill yourself full of hope. Amongst the many industries affected by the events of the past year, the food industry has perhaps been the worst hit. Many small restaurants or local cafes are struggling to stay afloat without all the regular foot traffic they expected. Therefore, plenty of small businesses have had to close in this industry – and a few massive companies have had to shut down chains as well. 

So, how can you make your food business survive through 2021 and beyond? It won’t be easy, but there are enough examples of food businesses doing well in 2021 to learn some valuable lessons!

Offer takeaways

Your restaurant or cafe might not originally offer takeaways. Indeed, you depend on people visiting your business to make sales. However, if the last year has taught you anything, it’s that you can’t rely solely on this. Instead, you should broaden your horizons and offer takeaway orders as well. There are plenty of companies – like Deliveroo – that let you register your business and they’ll handle the deliveries for you. Of course, you can deliver things yourself, or you could offer collections. Either way, the concept is that you can sell your products without people needing to actually come and sit inside your cafe/restaurant. Thus, you abide by many lockdown rules while still making money. 


Furthermore, a lot of food companies have succeeded by pivoting and changing what they offer. If you can’t invite people to your restaurant – and selling takeaways isn’t an option – what’s the next best thing? Companies have started selling meal kits for people to buy, letting them recreate their dishes at home. Bakeries send out kits with all the ingredients needed to make something, complete with instructions on how to do it. These things have proved popular as many people look to avoid boredom while also enjoying some nice food. Or, you could create and sell recipe books, start a YouTube channel where you do cooking videos, etc. There are many ways to pivot and start earning money without needing your premises to be open

Put hygiene first

While looking at different ways of generating revenue is essential, you should also prepare for when business can return to normal. Some people will eagerly come to your premises for some food or drink without a second thought. However, others may be a bit more cautious. As such, you can build trust and make people feel safe by putting hygiene first. Get brand new catering supplies, clean your entire premises thoroughly, and make it known that you’re doing everything possible to keep people safe. This should help you see more foot traffic when you’re allowed to have people come to your premises, which will help you increase sales. 

For many companies in the food industry, 2021 is all about survival. If your business can make it through this year, there’s no reason you can’t thrive in the many months and years to come.



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