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First Impressions

How To Leave A Great First Impression On New Customers

A winning first impression won’t always be enough to gain a conversion from prospective clients. After all, the rule of seven states that it takes an average of seven interactions before securing a conversion. Still, the fact that consumers make decisions within seconds of seeing the brand means that a bad one could end any hope of building a strong bond. 

In short, leaving a great first impression should be a priority for all businesses, especially startups and SMEs. There are several key contributing factors to consider. Master the following seven and you won’t go far wrong.

Define Your Audience

The harsh reality of modern business is that you impress everyone. So, it’s imperative that you focus on gaining a positive reaction from the people that are most likely to complete a purchase. If your products are aimed at young women, the opinions of a 60-year-old man aren’t relevant. So, don’t worry about them.

Very few businesses carry an appeal that extends to all audiences. With this in mind, determining your niche is a vital step that will guide all future decisions from marketing to product selection. When the brand is tailored to match your audience, the hopes of securing increased conversions are greatly increased.

When future campaigns and strategies are focused on the right audience, it’ll become far easier to analyse the performances.

Build A Professional Image

Whether you manage a B2B or B2C, you must not ignore the fact that client opinions are often based on preconceived ideas. They expect businesses to display certain qualities and boast key features. Knowing how to build a professional image that satisfies their expectations can have a telling influence. It starts with presenting yourself in style.

However, a strong personal image is only the start. Some clients will look negatively on home-based businesses, but a virtual address soon combats this issue. Similarly, you can add a virtual receptionist of call redirection service to maintain the right vibe. Without those simple features, you could lose potential sales despite being a great match for the client.

Better still, a professional image can put you in a better frame of mind for daily business assignments.

Invest In A Strong Team

Assembling a great workforce is one of the most important steps towards success in business for a host of reasons. The productivity levels and ongoing growth of the company will be heavily influenced. However, the fact that most interactions are handled by employees rather than you directly makes it a vital factor for the brand image too.

Depending on the business sector, you may find that a uniform or general dress code is useful. Crucially, though, you need to ensure that your business promotes a sense of consistency. Developing a strong team atmosphere through training and bonding is key. Sales scripts are another tool that can also be used to achieve great results.

When employees set the winning first impression of the brand, potential clients will take a more favourable look on its products.

Build A Great Website 

The shift to online transactions started several years ago. Nonetheless, the fallout of the global pandemic has changed the landscape once more. An increasing number of interactions, as well as transactions, take place via the digital arena. So, it’s very likely that online elements will be the first point of contact for many customers.

Investing in your web design will pay dividends. Aside from greater engagement when people open the site, it ensures that you gain increased visibility on search engines. This will consequently lead to a significant spike in traffic. From people actively searching for your products and services.

A responsive and attractive site will also lead to more conversions. Conversely, once a consumer abandons a poor site, they may never return.

Embrace Social Media

The website is your company’s online store and main sales funnel. Nonetheless, there are a variety of online tools that can support your cause by guiding people to your domain. The value of SEO has already been touched upon. Meanwhile, a Google My Business listing will take the impact to a whole new level.

With close to two billion websites currently live, people won’t find yours by luck. Thankfully, there are billions of people using social media. So, developing a strategy that interacts with them on those third-party platforms is hugely beneficial. Regular content and images that carry the correct dimensions will serve you well.

The platforms can also be used to field questions and build more personal relations with clients. Above all else, it keeps the brand fresh in their minds.

Leverage Success From Others

Consumers can be influenced by your adverts and marketing efforts. Nonetheless, a growing percentage of online users like to feel that they’ve discovered great brands for themselves. One of the best ways to do this is to let them find your company as a result of what other people say about it. 

Press releases and media coverage are good starting points. But people now turn to real opinions from real people. Getting positive reviews and testimonials should play a central role in your strategy. This can be further supported by social influencers and content creators, who will bring their fans to your brand.

When a consumer sees a recommendation from someone that they trust, the chance of winning them over is far greater.

Act Responsibly

By now, it should be clear that potential leads will judge your business on more than its products and services. They want to align themselves with companies that share similar views and outlooks on key issues. As such, showcasing social responsibility could be one of the smartest upgrades you’ll ever make.

There are several ways to achieve this, ranging from green packaging to supporting local causes. Meanwhile, you should stand up for injustice and get involved in key human matters. Aside from creating a better first impression, it allows you to actually have a positive influence on the future of our planet.

Some of the ideas won’t actually be seen by customers, but they still feed into the overall vibe. Embrace it right away.



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