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Post Launch Development: How To Boost Business

Launching a business is pretty tough. Getting off the ground requires a lot of work and patience, however what often gets ignored is that dangerous post launch phase. A phase which comes with a chunk of business risk. So much effort and time is put into launching a business, meaning a lot of owners get a little surprised when things can get pretty quiet as the clamour dies down. Some are left confused regarding which direction to take, especially when you’re left scrambling for sales and clients which often happens once the initial group of customers, pulled in by the launch hype, are served and move on. Here are some tips to boost your business and keep things on the right track post launch.

Perform A Financial Audit

Starting a business can cost a lot of money. You need money to be able to create the website, hire staff, create an advertising strategy and for all kinds of smaller purchases. You also need money to run on a day to day basis. Think about bills, wages, etc. Some business owners get caught out in the days following their launch. There are ways to combat this. You can look for grants and monetary help in the niche in which you operate, such as Digital Health Funding or government grants in your country of operation. Take stock of everything you’re spending out on. If you’re gaining sales, cut back on the advertising budget, if you’ve got no sales or leads, increase it. It’s about being logical and careful. A business is at its most vulnerable when it’s just started. You’ll have the overheads to care for but not the guarantee of income. A full financial stock take can help inform your decisions.

Go And Get Custom

A business simply isn’t a business if it isn’t able to bring in sales. Years ago, people would go knocking on doors, trying to upsell their products. You need to do the modern equivalent. Sure, you can perform top tier SEO and hope your articles rank well and pull potential customers in, but how can you be sure they’ll convert? There are many methods to generating leads and depending on your industry they may vary. If you’re selling to other businesses you might look into B2B intent data and try to narrow down on exactly what it is that your customers want. You can’t sit and twiddle your thumbs. You need to be able to go and get the business you want until you’ve generated a method of bringing it to you. Go and speak to prospective clients. Pick up the phone and start speaking to those you wish to sell your products or services to.

Brand Awareness: Sell Third Party

You don’t just have to sell on your website. If you’re having trouble with sales and think brand awareness might be the issue, you’ll do well to consider selling on a third party platform. You essentially leverage their reach. They have millions visit their site every day. Think of alibaba, eBay, Amazon, Etsy, those sorts of sites. If you sell there, you’ll get an uplift in brand recognition. Sure, your profit will be a little lower but the next time the customer shops for a similar brand they might come to you directly. Getting a good rank on these websites can be tough but if you offer a quality product then you’re well on your way. Once you’ve starting distributing your brand awareness, you can cut down on the third party sales.



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