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Tattoo Business

What Do You Need To Get Your Tattoo Business Off The Ground?

Making the switch from tattoo artist to tattoo parlour owner is one of the more accessible ways to move from employee to entrepreneur. As long as you have confidence in your work, there’s nothing to stop you from achieving your goals.

Nonetheless, you must ensure that you enter the business arena in an efficient way. Careful planning will be essential. Focus on the five features below and you won’t go far wrong.


Firstly, you must ensure that your business venture is supported by the right level of investment. You will probably need to hire a commercial space for completing the work. Likewise, you will need to invest in equipment and consider the interior design aspects of the parlour. You are probably looking at a five-figure fee depending on location and existing assets. Knowing how to fundraise in an effective style will give you a solid platform to build upon. It’ll also reduce a great deal of stress in the difficult first phases of running a company.

Legal Clearance

If you have already been working as a tattoo artist, you’ll have your licence to work. However, you will also need to register your business and take out insurance. This can include cover for the premises as well as the work you complete. The local council will regularly inspect the business for compliance with health and safety laws. So you must ensure that your company meets these requirements, even before you open. Otherwise, you could be forced to temporarily close or face significant fines.

A Good Brand

First impressions count for everything in business. Not least when you work in a creative and visual arena. Therefore, mastering your brand is essential. You probably have plenty of ideas regarding logos and brand names. However, you should remember that a lot of consumers will find your brand online. Experts like Squarespace allow you to choose a DIY builder or hire a designer. Either way, a good online presence, and SEO will serve you well. Promo goods and offline marketing materials like posters and window displays are also crucial.


It’s not only a bad worker who blames their tools if the equipment isn’t up to the desired standard. Tattoo machines, needles, ink, beds, grips, tips, tubes, power supplies, and dressings will be needed. A dedicated retailer like Barber DTS can keep you stocked with the best supplies. Aside from actively supporting your quality of work, it should deliver peace of mind. Extra items ranging from paper towels to payment processing facilities should be considered too. Any items that can put your customers at ease will also help.


Finally, you should take the time to consider whether you truly have the personality to thrive. If you aren’t passionate about the business, as well as the art, you cannot expect customers to get excited. You should also note that being surrounded by a good network of tattoo pros and receptionists will influence your habits. When supported by good organisation and a commitment to consistency, success is assured. Not only will this get your company running, but it will also promote sustained results.


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